SaverTap push taps

SaverTaps are ideal for those on a tight energy budget. The design converts your existing taps to a more cost-efficient push-tap type design, saving up to 80% of water.

  • Converts your exisiting taps
  • Reduces amount of water wastage
  • Enables you to make cost savings on energy bills
  • Reduces the risk of flooding
  • Quick installation by a professional PHS technician
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Cost-effective solution push taps

Approved by the WRAS, the PHS SaverTap push tap is recognised as a cost-effective solution to the problem of water wastage in washrooms. Taps with a push action reduce water usage by up to 80% by preventing taps from being left to run when not in use. This effectively reduces wastage and water bills.

The SaverTap is ideal for leisure facilities and schools where budgets are tight and children often forgot to turn off the taps. Not only will the SaverTap save you the cost of thoughtless water wastage, but it also reduces the impact on the environment and reduces the risk of flooding.

To avoid a lengthly and costly installation, the SaverTaps convert your existing taps. For your peace of mind, they will also be fully installed by a PHS Washroom Services' technician.

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  • Helps you achieve your environmental targets
  • Dramatically reduces your water bills
  • Transforms any existing turn taps and monobloc tap systems
  • Quick installation process by a fully qualified and professional PHS technician
Operation Push down design
Time 5-15 seconds (adjustable)
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