Flush wiser® WC flush control

Our award winning Flush-wiser® is attached to the cistern to dramatically reduce water consumption in WCs without lowering the standard of hygiene.

  • Award winning flush control device
  • Reduces your water bills
  • Adjusted to suit each WC cistern
  • Quick return on investment
  • Reduces the amount of water used by up to 3 litres
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Optimum savings without compromising on hygiene

Flush-wiser® WC Flush Control reduces the amount of water used to flush by up to three litres. The Flush-wiser® lasts the lifetime of the WC and, unlike many cistern displacement devices, there is no chance of Flush-wiser® interfering with the flush mechanisms within the cistern.

The Flush-wiser® WC Flush Control is unique in that it is adjustable to suit each individual WC cistern, taking into account cistern size and performance. This enables you to make optimum savings without compromising on hygiene.

By installing Flush-wiser® Flush Control you will see real savings.

In a typical office environment, the average person will use a WC three times during the working day. Based on saving 3 litres of water per flush, this equates to 9 litres per day, across 240 office days per annum, which is a total of 2,160 litres (2.16 cubic metres) per person per annum!

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  • Helps you reach your sustainability targets
  • Lasts the lifetime of the WC, reducing replacement costs
  • An office with 500 staff could save over a million litres of water per year
  • Adjusted to suit each cistern

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