Cytotoxic waste containers

Colour coded specialist waste containers allow for easy and effective segregation of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste. With distinctive purple lids and a sliding mechanism to deposit the relevant sharps, our Cytotoxic waste containers present a safe and reliable solution for your cancer, hormone, HRT and steroid treatment waste.

  • Range of sized containers
  • Strong and durable composition
  • Brightly coloured and clearly labelled
  • Sliding window to deposit waste
  • Collection & disposal service available
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It is crucial that sharps from cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs, e.g. cancer, HRT, steroid and hormone treatments must be kept separate from other medical sharps. Failure to segregate correctly means that you fail to fall in line with best practice waste guidelines. 

We provide bright purple lidded containers to allow your staff to quickly identify which container is suitable for their waste. 

Available in a choice of 5 sizes, the containers are suitable for areas with restricted space or the 50 litre container for higher quantity requirements. 

  • Purple lid to enable quick segregation of Cytotoxic waste
  • Polypropylene composition for a long lasting, and therefore cost effective, option
  • Choice of 5 sized containers, from 2.5 litres to 50 litres
  • Sharps disposal and collection service available
  • Complies with Cytotoxic waste legislation
EWC Code 18 01 08
Capacity (litres) Dimensions (centimetres)
2.5 ltr 163(h) x 176(dia)
5 ltr 285(h) x 176(dia)
11.5 ltr 250(h) x 280 (dia)
22 ltr 345(h) x 330(dia)
50 ltr 539(h) x 404(l) x 335(w)

Instructions for use 
These purple lidded containers should only be used for cytotoxic and cytostatic hazardous waste, ensuring that items are safely contained within the unit. When ready for disposal, ensure the lid is securely sealed. 

Health and safety precautions 
These units are designed for easy use and closure once ready for disposal. Users should follow instructions and always treat cytotoxic waste carefully, keeping it segregated from other waste. 

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