Workwear laundering

PHS Besafe’s workwear laundering combines cutting edge laundry technology with a simple, yet carefully managed service. Using a unique wash process which respects the fabric of the workwear, our service preserves the waterproof and Hi Vis properties of the garment, extending it's life in the process.

  • Non-irritating detergent
  • Tough on stains, oil & grease
  • Wash cycle extends garment life
  • Repairs and alterations included
  • Track each garment by its unique barcode
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Unique washing process

To ensure garments are laundered on the correct wash cycle, all items that pass through our workwear laundry services are hand sorted and segregated by their specialist properties, including flame retardancy, high visibility and arc protection.

Following segregation, each garment is laundered and dried at a low temperature to protect the fabric, reflective tape, zips and logos. 

We only use an organic detergent which is kind to the environment and to the skin, ensuring that laundered workwear items are returned to you odour-free and, crucially, irritant-free. The wash process is designed to be tough on oil and grease, yet kind enough to prevent fading and garment damage.

Inspection and repairs

Throughout our workwear laundry services, every garment is carefully inspected and repaired before being returned to the customer. This also allows us to carry out any alterations such as leg or sleeve shortening if required.

Tracking and service reporting

All collected workwear is given a unique barcode reference, which includes information on the garment’s owner, their employer and the correct site to return it to. This system means each and every garment can be easily tracked and located, and referenced in our detailed management service reports.

Using regular management reports, we keep you updated with important information about your workwear, including laundry history, repairs and expected garment life. These reports are flexible and reporting criteria can be specified by you.

  • We collect soiled garments from your site and return them freshly laundered within 7 days
  • Organic detergent helps prevent skin irratations, ensuring all-day comfort for the wearer
  • Wash cycle removes stains whilst respecting the garment's water-proof, ARC and Hi Vis properties
  • Laundry service reporting provides updates including garment history, repairs and expected life.
  • Our laundering service can be used in conjuction with Full Service Rental, Garment Only Rental and our Direct Purchase option
  • A PHS consultant will be in touch to assess your laundry workwear needs, based on the amount and type of garments.
  • Any soiled garments should be placed in soiled garment bags ready for collection
  • At the agreed intervals, garments are collected from your site, laundered and delivered back to your staff lockers.

We will provide a survey to profile your workwear laundry requirements based on garment numbers and which laundry process will be applicable for your needs. From the survey PHS will provide a detailed price proposal encompassing all the above factors.


Workwear products

At PHS we specialise in providing flexible and reliable workwear, including hi-vis, flame resistant and arc protective clothing, as well as locker and laundry services.

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