Greenleaf Bespoke

When first impressions count, high quality interior plants can make a bold statement for your business. We are dedicated to creating lavish plant displays that will impress your regular and prospective customers. Not only can we provide you with some of the most beautiful and creative displays you can imagine, but we will also tailor our displays so that they suit your business needs.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Flexible service to suit your needs
  • Ideal for image conscious businesses
  • Includes design and implantation
  • Sourcing provided
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At PHS we understand the importance of when your business wants to create an individual style and ambience for your premises. PHS Greenleaf will design the environment to suit you and your requirements. Greenleaf Bespoke allows companies to create unique plants displays for their workplace.
Our bespoke team will always be on hand to provide you with a flexible, time saving and cost effective service for your planting needs. With their specialist knowledge, not only will they directly source plants for your premises but they can also provide procurement options and aid you in putting together complex plans and method statements.

As we aim to provide our clients with maximum convenience at all times, we offer varying levels of support throughout the planting design process. Our bespoke team can either help you put your existing plans into practice or produce their own creative designs to fit your needs.

  • Experienced buyers and suppliers
  • Flexible planting service to suit your business and budget
  • Our bespoke team can either produce new designs or use your own
  • On-going support from design to planting from our horticulture experts
We are dedicated to providing a service that will make your premises look impressive and inviting to your regular and prospective clients.

Complete service

We grow, install and maintain all our plants and products throughout the year. Our trained technicians will conduct regular maintenance visits and tend to your outdoor plants throughout your contract.

Our plant service also includes:

  • Free planning and design
  • Regular maintenance visits
  • Installation of an automatic watering system
  • Plant rental payment options

Great choice

You can choose from a large range of plants and containers, and we can add seasonal colours, unusual plants and brightly coloured pots to create high impact plant displays.

Quality plants

Our specialist nurseries are dedicated to growing outdoor plants just for businesses. We do not compromise our integrity and years of experience at any cost, always delivering high quality exterior plants and great service.

With customers across all industries, including corporate, retail, hospitality and local government, you can be sure that PHS will provide you with an unrivalled plant service.


PHS offers a range of indoor and outdoor planting displays and landscaping. Our experienced team will undertake a site survey and assess the premises layout, plants suitable for the location, brand colours schemes. Plant and container options and colour scheme or landscaping requirements will then be priced and presented accordingly.


PHS Greenleaf Bespoke Brochure

Find out more about our beautiful bespoke range of indoor plants.

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