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An easy way to enhance your hygiene

One in five consumers are not confident about the hygiene measures local business have put in place*. With no end date in sight for the coronavirus pandemic, now is the perfect time to invest in long-term solutions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering your business premises while increasing consumer confidence and employee morale.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution…

Introducing the ultimate COVID-19 Bundle offer

Our hygiene experts have developed a Covid-19 Bundle offer that is designed to provide you with everything you need to keep employees safe.

The Bundle will provide you with a range of products that are phs COVID-19 approved. It includes hand care products, an array of cleaning chemicals, contactless everyday hygiene solutions, and the latest air purification technology.



Air Cleaning Technology  
Aeramax air purifier

We often forget about the air we breathe. However, COVID-19 can spread through particles in the air, which is causing consumers to avoid non-essential interior businesses.

Independent consumer research found that 52% of consumers would feel safer if businesses installed air purifiers to prevent the spread of viruses*The bundle includes an AERAMAX air purification device that uses HEPA filters to capture 99.97% of germs and bacteria from the air, helping to rebuild consumer confidence. Choose from:

  • AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL II (for spaces up to 30m2)
  • or AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL III (or spaces between 30m2 to 65m2)


Contactless Hand Care Solutions 

auto hand sanitiser

Maintaining good hand hygiene is still vital to stopping the spread of COVID-19. The bundle includes automatic hand dispenser products that will reduce the number of touchpoints and the risk of cross-contamination in your business:

  • 2L or 5L Auto Sanitiser dispenser (White)
  • Airstream Pure with HEPA Filters (White)


Contactless Sanitary Bin
Auto sanitary bin

Sanitary disposal is still important, even during a pandemic. Our automatic sanitary bin means no touch is required which helps avoid cross contamination between users, preventing the spread of germs

  • Automatic Sanitary Bin (Any colour)


Hygienic door handles 

Regular touch points, such as door handles, provide an easy way for germs and viruses to spread. phs SteriHandles reduce the risk of cross-contamination on interior door handles, killing 99.99% of bacteria in less than one second. These handles will keep you safe for ten years and are verified and tested by IMSL, an independent test laboratory.

  • phs SteriHandles (push or pull options)


Making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal

Nearly a quarter of consumers said they don't know enough about what businesses have done to make their premises COVID-19 safe*. Therefore, if you purchase the COVID Bundle, you will be provided with a plaque to show the hygiene solutions you’ve implemented to make your business phs COVID-secure.

The plaque should be prominently displayed in your premises, ensuring everyone understand the steps you’ve taken to enhance interior hygiene.

Order your bundle today

hands, face, space and air

We also offer consumable products and COVID waste solutions to help you create the safest possible environment for everyone. From masks, to hand sanitiser and PPE disposal bins, we’ve got you covered.

Speak to one of our experts today.

*The phs Index

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