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The phs Index: How has COVID-19 impacted UK organisations?

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The phs Index

Life has certainly been very different since 23rd March 2020. As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, we want to contribute to the nation’s understanding about the economic impact of COVID-19.

Throughout this pandemic, phs has supported organisations up and down the country, with a full range of essential services and products. During the height of lockdown, phs was by our customers’ sides, supporting those allowed to open with essential hygiene solutions. With the right solutions, we’ve also supported businesses get ‘back to work’ safely.

We support businesses with products and services that enable them to provide a hygienic and safe environment for all. These include:

  • Aircare solutions with our AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL and BIOZONE air purification systems
  • Hygiene services including waste management
  • Hygiene products such as hand sanitisers, washroom consumables, PPE bins, cleaning products and hygiene message mats
  • Emergency response deep cleaning with phs Interclean
  • Planted solutions to help with social distancing with phs Greenleaf
  • Surface swab testing, mandatory water system checks and fire risk assessments with phs

Due to the nature of our operations and the extent of our services to businesses, phs is uniquely positioned to gather own our data, through our own research, to better understand the issues and concerns affecting businesses during these testing times. The new phs Index, published to mark the six-month anniversary of the onset of lockdown, reports that 95% of business premises across the UK are now open following widespread COVID-19 closures.

Though its encouraging that businesses are now reopening, our data shows that the amount of waste phs collected per site implies that buildings were 17% quieter in August 2020 compared to pre-COVID rates (based on 1st March 2020). That’s a decrease in usage of nearly one fifth.

phs Index also reveals that during the lockdown period, 43% of customer sites closed. That’s nearly half of business premises across all sectors, throughout the UK which were shutdown throughout lockdown. As of the 15th September 2020, a total of 5% of premises were still closed having been unable to reopen and have now been shut for as much as six months.

David Taylor-Smith, CEO of phs Group, said: “While the strictest period of lockdown is over, the phs Index demonstrates there is a long way to go until businesses fully recover.”

For more information, please download the free phs Index whitepaper here.

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