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We care about clean air

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phs is pleased to announce we have renewed our exclusive partnership agreement with AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL® by Fellowes. Fellowes strives to deliver best-in-class quality and performance in air purification, and with a commitment to bringing value to the workplace, share common values and vision with phs.

At phs, our corporate strategy and core objectives focus on well-being in the workplace, and to support this, we started an agreement with Fellowes to exclusively distribute their AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL technology within the workplace services sector in UK and Ireland. Over the past two years, we have continued to build on our partnership, helping businesses create a culture of well-being in their organisation. The AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL air purifier uses innovative and award-winning technology to clean the air both inside and outside the washroom, removing allergens, odour and germs, helping reduce absenteeism and improving the quality of the air.

Astley Shields, AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL Business Development Manager said, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with phs, working together to improve air quality and workplace productivity across several diverse industry sectors. Our aim, to help businesses address indoor air quality and odour concerns with intelligent products that continually respond to the local environment, this also aligns perfectly with the vision and objectives at phs”.

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