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CSR REPORT: How phs continues helping customers do the right thing

As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain, you can count on phs Group to do the right thing. And, with over 120,000 customers relying on us across 300,000 locations to help make being green as much a part of their day-to-day operations as it is ours, we believe it’s our responsibility to set benchmarks for standards, drive change and innovate.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last year, our 2021/22 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report explains the many ways we’ve taken steps towards our sustainability and social impact goals, supporting customers with products they can trust.

From progressive initiatives and ground-breaking products to ongoing work that builds on our past successes, and from water and land to air and wellness, here are a few of the CSR report’s key findings:


  • While our innovative range of water-efficient products are helping organisations save up to 70% of water usage and reduce bills, we’re also helping clean up the planet’s oceans by turning discarded nets into recyclable ECONYL® floor mats.
  • What’s more, we’ve been revolutionising green standards in the laundry industry, with our award-winning infrared drying process, Drysafe, revolutionising green standards in the laundry industry cutting energy use by half and saving over 100 litres of water in every wash per machine.


  • We recognise that reducing our carbon footprint plays a key role in the road to sustainability. So over the last year we’ve committed to replacing half our fleet by June 2022 to save 770 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, with the remaining 350 washroom vans set to be upgraded over the next two financial years.
  • Our LifeCycle strategy continues to help drive us towards our ambitious target of diverting up to 95% of our customers’ hygiene waste away from landfill into energy recovery facilities. With 71.9% achieved this year – a 19.8% year-on-year improvement – we’re on target to achieve our 80% prediction for 2021/22.


  • The manufacture and development of our air freshener fragrances does not involve the use of any animal products, by-product or derivative, or any kind of animal testing.
  • As part of our fresh approach to eco-friendly options, we have launched a 100% carbon neutral, recyclable product – AIRSCENT ECO – and make our range even more sustainable to reduce waste and improve customer experience. 


  • At phs we’re passionate about developing an inclusive and diverse workplace that represents the society we operate in, from attracting more women through a mentorship programme to stepping up our efforts to tackle period inequality.
  • To make sure we provide equal opportunities and represent a diverse range of voices in all areas of the business, we also introduced a 10-month scheme to support young people with learning disabilities into paid full-time employment.

For a full overview of the progress we’ve made in our journey to lasting change, and to see the value these add to our services and expertise, read the full CSR report here.

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