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Period Equality

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We're fighting for period equality

One in 10 young women are unable to afford period products, according to research from children’s charity Plan International UK. What’s more, nearly 140,000 girls have missed school because they couldn’t afford sanitary wear. The campaign for period equality is growing nationally with Scotland being the first government to announce a directive for free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities. Local authorities in England and Wales are also offering similar strategies.

The purpose-designed free-vend dispenser was created in response to the growing period equality agenda and rise in demand from our customers. Free-vend machines are a real solution as installing these within washrooms gives females who need it instant and discreet access to sanitary products without the embarrassment or inconvenience of having to visit an office or school nurse. The products are also stored appropriately so they are kept clean and dry, dispensing one item at a time as needed.

The phs slim line free-vend machines stock individually-wrapped sanitary products and can be accessed without the use of a coin. As we strive to help promote period equality, phs free-vend machines offer a discreet and convenient solution to our customers, enabling you to offer products to young girls who cannot afford them.

Free Coin Vend Machines

We’ve created a brochure with further information on period equality, testimonials and our free coin vend.

Download Our Brochure Here

period poverty

phs has conducted research into the impact it is having on young women across the UK. We wanted to understand what their specific issues are, the potential effects on their future and what should be done to combat it. You can read or download our white paper below:


Period Poverty Taskforce

phs are proud to be contributing to a newly formed Period Poverty Taskforce, chaired by Minister for Women and Equalities, Plan International UK and Procter & Gamble. The taskforce will focus on tackling period poverty, providing period equality and end stigma around menstruation, providing a joined-up approach, working with experts from all sectors and learning from and building on existing initiatives.

Read more about our work in the taskforce here

Working together to create period equality

If you’re a local authority, you may be eligible to receive funding to promote period equality in communities where levels of deprivation are highest. For further details, please contact press@phs.co.uk

Blaenau Gwent Testimonial

About Our Partnership With Blaenau Gwent


The University of St. Andrew Testimonial

The University of St Andrews provides 15 free-vend machines for students within its washrooms, including within student residences, the student association building, the library and sports centre.

“Providing a range of sanitary products in educational establishments gives girls choice and less worry around their periods, particularly if they have a low income. We collectively decided that free-vend was the most discreet way of doing this and they are now in place in the most appropriate and busiest buildings to ensure products are available for girls who need them. The feedback from students has been positive.

Gillian Jordan, estates cleaning manager at the University of St Andrews

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