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Period Equality in Education

Free period products in England

The Department for Education's (DfE) Period Product scheme to provide free period products to young people who need them in schools and colleges across England is now available, and phs are proudly delivering the scheme.

This scheme will enable all learners to fully participate in education by making period products available as and when they are needed.

For more information on how to access these products:

Call us on 01827 255 500 or email

Download our brochure to view the full range of products available.

We’ve created some useful resources, free for you to download and use in your school or college.

Advice for teens

At phs, we understand that as great as it is to be a teen, it’s not always easy. Therefore, we have partnered with Lil-Lets to provide support for schools and advice for teenagers to provide guidance on ‘becoming a Teen’, ‘what is Puberty’ and much more – Download the Ultimate Guide to becoming a Teen today. The guide is available in both English and Welsh.

We also appreciate that choosing the right Period Product for you, can be confusing as there are so many products available. Together with Lil-Lets, we have created two guides which provide information on their organic range for both non-applicator tampons and pads. Download the guides today to find out more. Both guides are available in English and Welsh.

Creating awareness

Why not support your school and leaners by driving awareness of Period Equality, to ensure girls know where they can access free products, so they don’t miss out?

Download our free posters here;

Primary Education

Secondary Education

Turning waste into electricity
It can take up to 300 years for sanitary products to decompose. To combat this, our LifeCycle Strategy aims to divert as much as 95% of our customers hygiene waste away from landfill by working with local energy from waste suppliers. Turning used period products into electricity? Eureka!

Take the first step today

Teenage girls are telling us they need help*:

  • 89% told us that they believe period equality is a real issue.
  • 46% believe period inequality holds girls back from attending school or college.
  • And 58% are calling for more action to tackle period poverty.

phs can work with you to help end period poverty in your school, college, or university. Show that you care by taking the first step today.

Speak to an expert

#phsPeriodEquality #CreatePeriodEquality

*Source: phs Period Poverty Whitepaper


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