About PHS Wastemanagement

PHS Wastemanagement was launched as a stand-alone company from the long established PHS Washrooms division of the PHS Group in 2001.

Building upon Washrooms’ many years of experience with clinical waste, PHS Wastemanagement was set up to meet the changing needs of the healthcare waste market. These changes were driven by increased legislative controls and a growing market demand for improved customer focus and environmental performance.

At PHS Wastemanagement we have two areas of waste we operate in: Healthcare and Chemical. The Healthcare section handles waste that was traditionally classed as clinical waste, i.e. with a bio-hazard element like hospital, surgery, dental, pharmacy and nursing home wastes.

The Chemical section handles wastes that were traditionally classified as ‘Special’ due to their chemical or physical properties. We are committed to investing in businesses and new technologies to improve the management of our customers’ wastes and widen our capabilities. Our Chemical section is now capable of processing waste as diverse as industrial solvents, laboratory chemicals, aerosol cans and fluorescent lighting recycling, through to the recovery of silver from dental X-ray waste.

The Healthcare and Chemical sections operate in parallel, sharing much of the basic PHS Wastemanagement infrastructure yet using separate fleets and disposal routes as appropriate to each individual waste stream.

This structure is designed to allow clients the convenience of using one company for the collection of all its healthcare and difficult to manage wastes, without limiting them to one disposal route or method. This delivers significant cost savings by using the most appropriate and efficient disposal route available for each waste type collected.

Our services

Services from PHS Wastemanagement include: