Static dissipative matting

By reducing and safely dispersing of static build-up and, PHS static dissipative matting is essential for protecting your staff and electrical equipment. It is also constructed from a resilient vinyl composition for fatique relief and increased comfort.

  • Reduces static build-up
  • Provides increased comfort and fatique relief
  • Long lasting, resilient vinyl
  • Fuss free servicing
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Static dissipative matting

Tough, long lasting static dissipative matting protects against and reduces static build up whilst offering the inherent benefits of fatigue relief, made from 100% closed cell vinyl.

The anti static mats are grounded via an integral 10mm male stud fitted to the mat, and maximum performance is achieved when using with a floor mat grounding wire. The static dissipative matting solution from PHS provides cushioned underfoot support for fatigue relief, whilst safely routing electricity to ground.


  • To reduce replacement costs, our anti-static mats are composed of long lasting 100% closed cell vinyl
  • The cushioned surface helps to minimise the operator's fatigue and increase productivity
  • The mats not only will reduce static build up to protect your staff, but it will help to reduce equipment failures
Sizes 0.6m x 0.9m
0.9m x 1.5m
0.9m x 18.3m
Thickness 9mm
Actual resistance 10 9 - 10 10 Ohms per m2
Colours Grey

Optional accessory kit available with anti static mats (consists of 2m mat grounding wire, 2 x heel grounders and earth bonding plug).

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