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Why phs

phs provides washroom, healthcare and floorcare hygiene services, and a range of specialist services, to more than 120,000 customers at 300,000 locations. In doing so, we meet the needs of a population of more than 100 million people. Our products and services play a vital role in making our customers’ premises safer and healthier places that meet the changing needs of society.

What makes phs different?

We are a business that helps our customers to better deal with the fundamental challenges of being human. We expect high standards of hygiene and live in a society where more people are spending longer in the workplace. The amount of waste we are producing as human beings is increasing every year as the population grows and ages. Given this increasing need for the products and services we provide, it’s our responsibility to find more sustainable and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Next door. Everywhere

As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK and Ireland, our team of more than 3,000 expert personnel provide a service at more than 300,000 locations. Our network gives full coverage to a population of more than 100 million. We are Next door. Everywhere. We take our responsibility to be a good neighbour seriously and aim to maximise the positive impact that we have on the communities we serve. We have invested over £1.2 million in training our service teams to be safer and more fuel-efficient drivers. This is one of the projects that has helped us to reduce our organisational carbon footprint by 12,000 tonnes of carbon over the last 3 years.

phs LifeCycle Strategy

Our LifeCycle Strategy enhances your environmental credentials by transforming your hygiene waste into sustainable energy.

As the largest collector of sanitary and nappy waste in the UK, we have partnered with energy-from-waste (EfW) specialists located throughout the UK. 

The strategy allows us to divert the hygiene waste we collect from our customers away from landfill and into energy recovery facilities, to power homes, offices buildings, hospitals and schools with sustainable energy. The negative environmental impact of landfill sites can include greenhouse gas emissions and water contamination.

phs Group is on a path to diverting 95% of the offensive waste we collect, away from landfill and into the National Grid by 2021, helping the UK to achieve its renewable energy targets.

Alongside our recycled products and our water and energy-saving technology, our LifeCycle Strategy is another way phs Group clients can benefit from our environmental leadership.

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