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60 reasons why phs lead the industry

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60 reasons why phs lead the industry

Choosing to partner with phs Group offers businesses a multitude of compelling reasons that span across various aspects of operations, sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Here are 60 reasons why you should opt to partner with phs:

1. phs turns 60: Happy Birthday to us!

2. Industry leader in UK, Ireland, and Spain: We’re national but also local.

3. Diverse workforce: Our workforce reflects the society we service.

4. Women in Leadership: Our Women in Leadership programme enables career development within phs for women.

5. Employee recognition: We celebrate our colleagues and their successes.

6. Positive workplace culture: We have a unique culture that evolves with society.

7. phs LifeCycle Strategy: We divert hygiene waste from landfill, sending it to energy-from-waste sites to create energy.

8. phs Period Equality: We strive to create period equality for all by informing, engaging, and creating awareness.

9. Scope 3: We offset scope 3 indirect emissions with eco-projects and phs’ LifeCycle Strategy.

10. Social Values: We strive to create a sustainable future for our customers and the communities we serve.

11. phs Purpose: We put people at the heart of our products and services.

12. Corporate Social Responsibility: We are socially accountable to ourselves, our stakeholders, and the people we serve.

13. Innovation: We strive to innovate and evolve to our customer's and society’s demands.

14. Technology: We invest in the latest technology to enhance our services and products.

15. Well-being Officers: We employ well-being support to ensure our colleagues always have someone to talk to.

16. LGBT+: We have a workplace that allows everyone to feel safe, welcomed, and free to be themselves.

17. Royal Warrant: We have Royal Warrant accreditations for our floorcare and phs Greenleaf planting services, supporting royal households with products and services.

18. Sanitary bins: phs are famous for our sanitary bins! The waste collected is diverted away from landfill. We are the only hygiene services provider to offer this on a national scale, which is an even greater reason why you should partner with us!

19. Aircare: We care about the air you breathe. Our innovative aircare solutions help clean indoor air, supporting well-being and healthy spaces.

20. Established reputation: Six decades of expertise and knowledge.

21. Floorcare: Our floorcare solutions help keep people safe from trips and slips.

22. Disability Confident Employer: We’re part of the movement to become an employer that takes action to improve how we recruit, retain, and develop people with disabilities.

23. Healthcare: We support the healthcare industry stay compliant and safe. From the dentist to GP surgeries, you’ve probably seen a phs healthcare unit.

24. phs Mission: Improve the lives of people by enhancing business and community spaces with the best value products and services, whilst always respecting the environment.

25. phs Greenleaf: From Christmas tree hire to indoor plants and living walls, phs Greenleaf help create welcoming environments for visitors.

26. Apprenticeships: We offer apprenticeship courses for employees that want to develop and upskill.

27. phs Compliance: Keeping everyone safe. The kettle in your office, probably PAT tested by phs

28. phs Male Incontinence: Our Dispose with Dignity campaign, is fighting for change in male washrooms, so men can dispose of their incontinence waste with dignity.

29. phs Besafe: Commercial laundry service that provides a workwear supply and commercial laundering service for over 3,000 UK sites, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of hundreds of thousands of people.

30. phs Warner Howard: Market leaders in the supply of hand dryers, hair dryers and air care to the trade industry.

31. phs Wastekit: We offer baling machines, helping businesses with waste management, and hitting recycling targets.

32. phs Teacrate: We move 9 million crates every year and support industries such as removals and storage, food processing and distribution.

33. JPen Medical: A phs division that is the market leader in on-site testing and calibration of all medical and healthcare equipment.

34. phs Serkonten: Our Spanish division offers hygiene, floorcare and consumable services.

35. phs Ireland: Our Irish division, supports customers with hygiene and floorcare needs.

36. Breaking Down the Barriers: Period Inequality research paper that launched our Period Equality campaign.

37. Bidvest: Our parent company, based in South Africa are reputable and supports customers over four continents.

38. People: Our people are the heart of our company and help make phs a success.

39. EV: We have introduced electric vehicles to our fleet, helping reduce our carbon emissions.

40. Sustainability: We do more than you think. We are committed to improving sustainability and social impact throughout our organisation.

41. Places: We are next door, everywhere. We operate nationwide but also operate locally to you.

42. Net-zero: We aim to be net-zero by 2040, supporting future generations to come.

43. The Blobcast: We are launching a podcast in the autumn on all things periods.

44. Award-winning: phs have won numerous industry-leading awards in marketing, internal communications, and customer service.

45. Covid resilience: We supported the nation during the pandemic and supported our colleagues through hard times.

46. Carbon emissions: We aim to curb our carbon emissions through the introduction of electric vehicles and diverting waste away from landfill.

47. Values: phs Values consist of Ownership, Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Innovation, Expertise.

48. Yellow: Our yellow phs logo is washroom famous. You won’t see a washroom without the yellow emblem.

49. ECONYL: Our floorcare products are made from ECONYL, regenerated nylon from fishing nets dredged from the oceans and aquacultures.

50. Prostate Cancer UK: We partnered with Prostate Cancer UK in 2023 to help men live well and provide male incontinence bins to help men discreetly dispose of their waste.

51. DfE: We support the Department for Education in supplying period products to over 20,000 schools in England, ensuring no learner misses out on their education, due to their period.

52. phs Vision: We’re the partner and employer of choice. Every day we demonstrate that people are valued, our planet is respected, and our expertise is unrivalled.

53. Partnership: We partner with organisations with similar mindsets who want to make an impact in the world.

54. 120,000 customers: Our team of over 3,000 expert personnel provides washroom, floorcare, healthcare and a range of specialist services to over 120,000 customers.

55. Fragrances: Our air freshener range offers a range of fragrances, helping customers create welcoming environments.

56. Eco-products: Our AIRSCENT ECO air freshener is 100% carbon-free.

57. Events: We celebrate and support awareness days and encourage our colleagues to partake in days such as Men’s Health Week, Black History Month and Clean Air Day.

58. Christmas: We celebrate Christmas all year round with phs Greenleaf elves decorating trees throughout the year.

59. Washroom: Washroom is our day-to-day business, amongst other things. Create a lasting impression and a welcoming and hygienic washroom environment with phs.

60. DFN Project SEARCH: We give internships to young adults with learning difficulties, supporting them into full-time employment.

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