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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Floorcare Hygiene 

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Environmental sustainability has become far more than just a buzzword – it is a vital consideration for any business wanting to achieve long-term success. Many companies are now adopting values-driven approaches that reflect our awareness of global challenges. These include embracing sustainable practices, of which eco-friendly floorcare hygiene is a key element. With phs investing significantly in the development of sustainable cleaning and waste management solutions, we can confidently support your business to adopt a more environmentally conscious approach. Here we walk you through the essentials of our eco-friendly floorcare hygiene solutions. 

Why the growing need for eco-friendly floorcare? 

Traditional floorcare methods often rely on chemical-heavy processes and substantial water usage that can impact considerably on the environment. In addition, choosing non-sustainable and hard-to-maintain floor coverings to protect your workforce from slips, trips and falls are likely to result in high replacement costs and huge wastage. 

Businesses are now recognising the significance of their environmental impact and the importance of eco-friendly practices not just for compliance but as part of their corporate responsibility. By adopting sustainable floorcare solutions, companies can greatly reduce their environmental footprint while ensuring a healthier workplace. 

phs's eco-friendly innovations 

phs has been a trailblazer in integrating eco-conscious practices into floorcare hygiene, setting a high standard in the industry. Our innovations demonstrate a profound commitment to sustainability, which is evident in various aspects of our services. 

  1. Revolutionary material usage: The use of ECONYL® yarn in our floor matting is a standout innovation. This yarn is derived from recycled nylon waste, including oceanic debris like ghost fishing nets and fabric scraps. This initiative is not only a testament to phs's commitment to reducing environmental waste but also showcases our role in promoting the circular economy. By repurposing waste materials into high-quality floor mats, phs is actively contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and supporting global efforts to clean the oceans. 
  2. Lift and lay service with environmental consideration: The lift and lay service offered by phs is a prime example of our forward-thinking approach. This service involves the professional installation and regular replacement of mats with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. The laundering process used in this service is designed to be eco-friendly, reducing water and chemical usage, and ensuring that the mats are cleaned thoroughly without harming the environment. This not only helps in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment but also aligns with the eco-friendly objectives of businesses. 
  3. Specialised on-site cleaning services: Understanding the need for specialised care for oversized or permanently installed mats, phs offers on-site cleaning services. This ensures that even large and complex matting installations are maintained to the highest standards. Regular deep cleaning of these mats not only enhances their longevity but also ensures they function effectively, trapping dirt and moisture and thus maintaining indoor air quality and cleanliness. 
  4. Advanced, eco-friendly laundering processes: phs has developed an environmentally conscious laundering process for our mats. This process is technologically advanced, ensuring that every mat is returned to its place not only looking clean and vibrant but also free from harmful substances. By focusing on eco-friendly cleaning agents and methods, phs's laundering process aligns with the global movement towards reducing the ecological impact of commercial activities. 

The crucial role of floorcare hygiene 

Floorcare hygiene goes beyond mere cleanliness; it plays a vital role in ensuring safety and health. Well-maintained floors reduce slip and fall risks and help control the spread of dirt and germs, especially in high-traffic areas. phs's services cater to diverse business needs, offering solutions like anti-slip mats for wet areas and protective entrance mats that prevent dirt from entering buildings, thereby maintaining overall hygiene. 

phs's expertise and experience 

With over five decades of experience in the field, phs stands as both an industry leader in commercial cleaning hygiene, and a trusted partner in helping your organisation to implement environmentally sustainable practices.  

Our expertise in carpet cleaning and mat fitting is backed by a large network of serviced mats across the UK and significant investment in eco-friendly innovations. This demonstrates not only our commitment to quality and safety but to reducing environmental impact and safeguarding the future.  

phs's specialist services ensure that businesses benefit from a clean and dry work environment whilst achieving their corporate social responsibility goals – thereby reducing workplace accidents, enhancing staff morale and boosting businesses’ green credentials. 


Embracing eco-friendly floorcare services is a crucial step towards a sustainable and responsible business practice. phs's dedication to providing green and efficient floorcare solutions positions us at the forefront of this essential service sector. For businesses, adopting such practices is a meaningful contribution to a healthier planet and a testament to their commitment to sustainability and employee wellbeing. 

Get in touch with one of our specialists to find out more about the range of eco-friendly services provided by phs, and how we can support you to become a more environmentally responsible business. 

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