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A simple way to safely dispose of lateral testing waste

Over the past few months, hundreds of public and private businesses have started using lateral flow tests. These quick tests are being used to test people for COVID-19 at the start of their working day, with results available in under 30 minutes; providing an effective way to curb the spread of the virus in the workplace.

Mass lateral flow testing is also being introduced across the education sector to help identify and contain asymptomatic cases of COVID-19, with all staff, secondary school-age pupils and students aged 19 -25 set to be regular tested.

But, how can we safely dispose of the waste created by mass lateral flow testing?

Introducing the COVID Lateral Flow Testing Bin

The new COVID Lateral flow testing bin from the waste experts at phs offers an easy and hygienic way to dispose of waste generate by rapid testing.

Lateral flow tests are classed as a non-hazardous chemical waste, meaning they need to be segregated and incinerated (EfW). This makes it vital for premises undertaking regular rapid testing to have a safe waste disposal process in place.

Clare Noble, Head of Healthcare of phs Group, who worked to develop this new bin said: “Daily lateral testing brings with it several logistical elements to prepare for. A key step is the disposal of used tests along with the associated packaging and PPE waste which means a new process will need to be set up and implemented. Crucially, lateral flow tests must be incinerated (EfW), and phs are the only national hygiene provider currently able to provide this service.”

The COVID lateral flow testing bin from phs is a fully serviced solution that will help keep premises.

Benefits of using the COVID Lateral flow testing bin:

  • An efficient way to dispose of lateral flow testing waste.
  • Pedal operation removes the need for hand contact and reduces the risk of cross infection.
  • Privacy flaps under the lid keep waste fully sectioned off.
  • A service agreement with phs ensures waste is being safely disposed.

An hygienic solution

This COVID Lateral flow testing bin has been designed to be pedal operated for increased safety. The foot pedal removes the need for hand contact which in turn reduces the risk of cross infection.

All bins provided and serviced by phs will be treated with a spray treatment that meets EN 1276 requirements. This reduces bacteria levels by 99.9% and passes EN14476 regulation, with germicide conforming to EN1276, EN13727.

Making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal

Speak to a phs waste expert to learn how we can support your business by providing fuss-free services based around your needs. 

Order your bin today

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