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How To Clean Your Outdoor Mat

You’ve probably not given it much thought before, but door mats are an incredibly useful addition to your home or office space. Door mats not only help prevent slips and trips, especially on shiny floors, but they are great for trapping dirt so that your space stays cleaner for longer.

Designed to trap dirt and water, it’s understandable that door mats get dirty themselves. Maintaining clean doormats will help keep your space clean while maintaining hygiene standards too.

Learn how to clean your outdoor mat with the tips below.

The importance of keeping outdoor mats clean

Door and floor mats serve an important purpose. Door mats help absorb water from wet shoes, preventing excess water and dirt from coming into the rest of the building.

Not only do they capture dirt and keep floors clean, but door mats are an important safety tool too. With slips, trips and falls making up 33% of non-fatal injuries at work, having outdoor mats in place can help improve safety, preventing slips due to water and dirt – especially on smooth flooring.

Keeping your door mat clean ensures it can do its job effectively. Cleaning gets rid of the dirt that has built up and gives your mats a fresh new appearance. For yoga and exercise mats, regular cleaning helps keep them hygienic so that they can be reused.

Cleaning outside mats will also help maintain their appearance, creating a positive first impression on anyone who walks through the door.

Simple mat cleaning tips

Keeping your outdoor mats and other floor mats clean is easy if you put the work in. Regular cleans will keep your mats looking fresh, and ensure they continue to protect your flooring from dirt and water. 

Some of our best tips for how to clean your outdoor mat include:

Shake off the dirt and debris

One of the easiest ways of getting rid of excess dirt from a muddy doormat is to give it a good shake. Once the mud dries it’ll be easy to shake off the worst of it, so try to do this regularly to stop dirt from building up.

Vacuum your mat regularly

Another easy way to tackle dirt on your outdoor mat is to vacuum it regularly. Using a vacuum cleaner daily in high-traffic areas could preserve the look of your door mat and keep it clean. Vacuuming can also be beneficial before you try other cleaning methods to get rid of loose dirt and dust.

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can also help you keep your mats clean, especially when used with a hygienic floor mat cleaner.

Put it in the washing machine

Some door mats are machine washable, which is great news if you need to wash your mat regularly. Always check the washing instructions before you put them in to get the most effective clean. You might want to consider washable doormats if you find you’re having to deep clean your mats a lot.

Clean simple spills with a damp cloth

Some simple spot cleans can help tackle one-off stains and muddy patches. Use a damp cloth with a gentle or specialist carpet cleaner to get rid of small stains. Spot cleans can be very useful between deeper cleans to keep your outdoor mat looking fresh.

Use professional cleaning solutions

A professional cleaning solution could be the best choice for your outdoor mat, especially if it is used heavily. Professional cleaners can either clean your mats on-site or take them away to be cleaned, replacing them with fresh mats so that you’re not left without.

Professional exterior mat cleaning solutions can save you time and money, making it easier to maintain hygiene in the workplace and keep employees and visitors safe.

Whether you choose ad-hoc cleaning solutions or a regular mat cleaning service, a professional touch can make a big difference to your workplace.

Outdoor mat solutions and care from phs

Creating a clean and safe environment should be a priority for your business or organisation. Using floor mats is one way to help trap dirt and prevent your floors from getting wet. Cleaning your floor mats can help prevent slips and trips, alongside floorcare advice from the Health and Safety Executive.

At phs, we fit and supply floor mats that will help improve your floorcare, for a more hygienic workplace. Our floorcare hygiene and maintenance services ensure your mats are replaced and cleaned regularly, meaning you’re never without clean flooring.

We have an extensive range of floor mats to cover unique business needs, including custom solutions featuring your personal branding. Our solutions are designed with the environment in mind, with all mats manufactured since 2017 made with ECONYL yarn. ECONYL yarn is made from a range of recycled materials, including discarded fishing nets and fabric scraps.

Whatever your floorcare needs, we’re here to help. As the leading provider of floorcare services, we can supply the right solutions for your business. Contact phs today to find out more about our services.

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