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How to keep your care home safe with phs SteriHandles

Care home patient and carer

Care homes are complex environments with lots of responsibilities and risks to manage on a daily basis. Maintaining a clean and hygienic care home is essential for both the physical and mental health of residents.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has heightened hygiene practices at care homes to keep residents and employees safe. Touch points, such as door handles, are a major risk in care homes, as they provide an easy way for germs to spread.

phs SteriHandles offers a simple way to reduce the risk of infection spreading through key touch points. They work to keep patients and staff safe, helping prevent the spread of germs and viruses, such as COVID-19, while making it easier and quicker to maintain a safe environment.

What are phs SteriHandles?

phs SteriHandles reduce the risk of cross-contamination through interior door handles, killing 99.99% of bacteria in less than one second. They can be fixed to any door, as they’re available in push and pull options.

The touchable components of phs SteriHandles are coated with Nitropep anti-microbial treatment, in collaboration with Rubig-N+ technology. This technology has been independently verified and tested by IMSL, an independent test laboratory.

How can phs SteriHandles support care homes?

  • Reduce the risk of spreadable viruses with a higher than 99.99% bacterial kill rate, killing germs in seconds.
  • Will complement existing hand hygiene measures, improving hygiene and safety for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Two touchable components are annually replaced by phs technicians, so there’s no work for your staff to do.
  • Made from durable stainless steel, ensuring the handles are tamper-resistant for employee and resident safety.

Order Your Handles

Why is phs a leading hygiene provider for care homes?

With highly trained and DBS-checked technicians in every area of the UK, phs can deliver the services you need in a discreet and efficient way. With all services shaped by the individual needs of your care home.

phs also act as a single supplier, helping you manage all of your hygiene services using one account.

From phs SteriHandles to hygienic waste disposal, get in touch with phs to ensure your care home is always safe and hygienic.


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