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Introducing…the new AIRSCENT BURST

Smell has the power to change the way we feel, as it is closely linked to our emotions and memories. With this in mind, phs have launched a new range of fragrances for the AIRSCENT BURST.

The newly designed AIRSCENT BURST air freshener offers your business an easy way to create an immersive scent experience that boosts wellbeing and attracts people to your premises.

With a wide-range of modern scents on offer, this air fragrance unit is ideal for use in customer and non-customer facing interior environments.

It makes scents to choose the AIRSCENT BURST

  • Provides a regular burst of an aerosolised fragrance of your choice.
  • Eliminates unwanted odours with AROMAGUARD malodour counteract technology.
  • A fully serviced unit – ensuring your device is always functioning efficiently.
  • New eco-friendly design reduces waste and carbon emissions.
  • A compact air freshener designed to suit any environment.
  • Dispenser Unit is available in Black, White or Nickel.


Which scent best suits your business?

The new AIRSCENT BURST air freshener comes with a choice of immersive scents, ensuring there’s a fragrance to suit any type of environment.


Scents tailored to your sector

Scents can have our moods, so it’s important that businesses choose their scent carefully. Luckily, extensive research has been undertaken on the power of smell, and it’s easy to choose a scent that will positively boost your business.

> Hotels

Customers checking in have probably had a stressful journey and are looking forward to getting to their room. Greeting them with a fragrance will help to relax them, putting them at ease and in a good mood.
Recommended hotel scents: Pink Grapefruit, Green Leaf, Clear Sky.

> Spas
Certain aromas can enhance fitness and improve relaxation. In a spa environment the decor and music can help create a relaxing space, but introducing a fragrance can help to further enhance this.
Recommended spa scents: Green Leaf, Ocean Glacier, Vanilla

> Healthcare
In a stressful and fast paced environment, certain fragrances can help calm anxious patients and reduce stress levels.
Recommended healthcare scents: Clear Sky, Vanilla, Ocean Glazier.

> Education
Scientific studies have proven that scents help students concentrate, improving morale and increasing attention span.
Recommended education scents: Green Leaf, Pink Grapefruit, Clear Sky.

> Airports and Travel Hubs

Fragrances have the power of triggering memories. They can be used to get passengers in the holiday spirit, or to help relax them before a long flight.
Recommended airport scents: Ocean Glazier, Green Leaf, Clear Sky.

> Corporate Offices
The power of smell can help uplift employees’ spirits. 40% of employees feel happier working in an office that smells good.
Recommended office scents: Pink Grapefruit , Vanilla, Ocean Glazier.


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