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Is it Time to Replace Your Hotel’s Floor Mats?

Hotel Floor Mats

Hotel floor mats see a lot of traffic, but they often become so much a part of our surroundings that it can be easy to forget to replace them.

Even with the best cleaning team in the world, hotel floor bath mats need to be replaced often. The amount of bacteria they are subjected to on a daily basis, along with the amount of different people that come and go in a hotel setting, make this simply unavoidable.

It’s not just bath mats - entrance mats, fitted padding and other forms of floor mat need the same treatment.

Whereas other forms of mat may not be affected by the same bacteria as bathroom mats, human beings often bring many forms of contaminant and dirt in from outside, and other risks such as spillages, insects and more can also be a major factor.

A hotel mat is often a sign of the general cleanliness a visitor can expect everywhere else in the building, and a gunked up mat or one with a dirty underside is simply an unwelcoming sign of lack of attention to detail.

Bathroom mats that are left down for too long without being replaced can be even worse - spreading viruses, bacteria and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

While a consistent and thorough cleaning regime can make an individual floor mat last longer and remain hygienic, this has its limits, and at some point a replacement becomes inevitable.

For many organisations, loose lay mats will be the best option for this since they can be removed and replaced immediately. Fitted mats make this a little more difficult, but are nonetheless popular in bustling environments with heavy foot-traffic due to the extra resilience.

Large hotels with several floors are likely to have many types of mats in many different contexts, and potentially thousands of floor mats if they are used in individual rooms. As a result, hotels need a consistent strategy for replacing their mats on a regular basis.

It’s not just about hygiene either - areas with high foot traffic or stock going in and out are likely to experience floor damage without a protective floor mat that is regularly replaced, costing much more in the long run.

Other benefits a clean, recently replaced mat offer include:

  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced risk of slipping
  • Protecting employees feet, especially those who work on their feet all day
  • Improve the attractiveness of your working environment or organisation, especially if using a custom/logo mat

When all of the above is taken into account, the regular replacement of floor mats becomes more of a cost-saving exercise than an actual expense.

How Can phs Help?

Cleaning Floor Mat

phs is the UK’s leading provider of business and commercial floor mats with over 50 years experience offering hygiene specialist services to hospitals, schools, council buildings, and businesses all across the nation. We offer a huge range of options at the lowest prices, including entrance mats, custom logo mats, fitted mats, loose lay mats, and more. We even offer several options within these categories, offering extra comfort, extra airflow, extra durability, or whatever else your specific environment requires.

We also have operations centres in every town and city across the UK, meaning we’re your local provider no matter where you’re based!

Every year, thousands of businesses benefit from our experience, allowing them to prevent slips, trips, and falls, improve staff morale, provide a more welcoming environment to customers, and save money in the long run by reducing floor damage and general wear and tear.

Our dedicated staff are even able to enter your premises, changing all floor mats and providing any other necessary hygiene related tasks, before leaving with zero interruption to your daily routine.

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