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Roll up, roll up! Read all about our roller towels

roller towel on the wall

phs Group and phs Besafe have teamed up to provide customers a complete roller towel service, which includes everything from the sale or service of the cabinets, to the laundry and delivery of the towels. This 360-degree approach ensures customers enjoy all the benefits, without any of the hassle.

So why roller towels?


Everyone has their own opinion on what hand drying method is the most effective and most hygienic, however roller towels continue to be a staple choice for many workplaces. They are effective at removing soap, dirt and dead skin cells from hands, and are convenient and low-maintenance. Our DRYWISE® roller towels are treated with a silver anti-microbial technology called N9 Pure Silver™, meaning that the cotton towel will be totally bacteria free before use. N9 Pure Silver is bacteriostatic and gently defensive, and stays on hands, protecting them against "bad" bacteria without affecting the skin's natural balance.

Cotton towels also have minimum impact on the environment (unlike paper towels), and don’t require electricity. So, roller towels would be the perfect washroom option for industries such as manufacturing, farming or construction, where workers tend to deal with oil and grease and quite often in locations without electricity.

The other benefit of course is that roller towels are quiet. It’s a well-known fact that small children can fear loud noises, so they are the perfect solution in schools or nurseries. Our standard cabinet roller towels are really easy to use, and the unit is designed to eliminate the problem of towels jamming. Plus, there’s no fear of countless paper towels being wasted, or thrown around a washroom, in over-flowing bins or clogging up toilets and urinals.

Laundry service

And there’s more good news. Once all the towels have been used, an award-winning laundry will clean them all! Winner of the 2018 Commercial Laundry of the Year award, phs Besafe will collect all dirty towels, clean them, and deliver freshly laundered towels to your door. Laundering 1.2 million garments every year, the industrial towel washing service kills all viruses, leaving towels clean, fresh and free of bacteria. Ready to be used all over again!

Want to find out more?

Head here to learn more about our range:, or to to find out more about our laundry services.

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