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What Equipment Can Businesses Use to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

Running a business right now is extremely difficult, especially one that involves physically meeting with customers or clients.

However, there are tons of options out there for things that can make running a business easier, and safer during the coronavirus pandemic. From cleaning products that kill coronavirus reliably to sanitising stations, and from waste disposal equipment to bacteria reducing entrance mats - this guide contains a breakdown of options to help businesses reduce the spread.

Let’s start with the obvious:

What Cleaning Products Kill Coronavirus?

This is a question we get asked commonly and for obvious reasons. However, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need any specialist cleaning products to sterilise a surface of the coronavirus. Standard all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and bleach will work for this. It’s much more important to prioritise regular cleaning and comprehensive cleaning, as this is the only thing that can entirely remove all presence of the virus and prevent the disease from spreading within your premises. Even a single 1cm patch that’s been missed could contain the virus and set off a whole new group of cases.

Despite this, there are certainly products you should buy that can encourage customers and employees to more regularly clean their hands and workspaces, more hygienic consumable options (such as soap dispensers) to reduce virus spread within washrooms, and of course, hand sanitiser stations that encourage customers and visitors to cleanse their hands and heavily reduce the spread of viruses as a result of people touching surfaces throughout the building.

However, these are far from the only option when it comes to things you can buy to improve COVID related workplace safety.

Other options include:

Workplace Air Care Management Products

Evidence is steadily growing to suggest that coronavirus doesn’t just spread through surface-borne water droplets, but that it can also be spread through the air, especially in cramped places with low ventilation. Air care solutions and methods of cleansing indoor air are therefore just as crucial as more traditional forms of cleaning. Here at phs we ensure all air care products are both featured with HEPA filters and use UV sterilization techniques to improve air quality and workplace safety. Both our AERAMAX Professional and BIOzone air care products have been proven to be effective against the coronavirus.

COVID Safe Waste Disposal Products

It is also crucial to use COVID safe waste disposal equipment, such as sealed bins, colour-coded bins for clinical waste, or even simply foot-operated bins to reduce hand contamination. The difference between generic waste disposal hardware and specifically designed hygienic waste disposal units can quite literally be life and death.

phs are nationwide leaders when it comes to coronavirus cleaning related products and services. We have offered our own proprietary products to the NHS and mass COVID testing centres including our uniquely effective PPE disposal bin and COVID lateral flow testing bin.

Large Inventory of Cleaning Consumables

While you will be fine with the regular cleaning consumables you already use, you will likely need more of them than ever before. Add this to the fact that demand can result in low supplies at retailers, and the fact a lack of cleaning consumables could shutter your business, and it’s clearly a good idea to stock up where possible.

Mats with Safety Messaging

This is likely one of the most common coronavirus safety products you see while out and about and for good reason. Mats have always been a crucial way of improving cleanliness in the workplace by reducing the spread of bacteria from the feet of visitors.

During the coronavirus pandemic this becomes even more important, as mats can be customised with text to enforce social distancing, remind people to sanitise their hands, close off certain high-risk areas of the building, and more. These are tasks that are completed automatically and passively as people enter your building, and that could only otherwise be done manually by your employees, wasting time and money.

To learn more about COVID-19 message mats please check our full PDF here.

Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning Companies

By utilising all of the above and some caution, you can easily make your workplace COVID safe and reduce the risk to customers and employees alike. However, it may be that your workforce is too low to implement these products and systems yourself. Or maybe you do have the resources to do so, but you would prefer to be 100% sure everything is done correctly to maximise cleanliness.

If this is the case, then commercial COVID-19 deep cleaning companies are available to help. phs Interclean is the UK’s most highly regarded supplier of coronavirus cleaning services and products. All technicians are trained to the highest standards and have CRB checks. phs Interclean also uses a unique COVID-19 fogging service that disinfects all surfaces rapidly and completely. With operations centres all over the UK and contracts with government buildings and schools, contact phs Interclean to discuss your COVID-19 deep cleaning requirements.

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