Karen Roberts

Managed Accounts Supervisor, PHS Head Office

Let’s start off with a little bit about your time at PHS.

When did you join PHS?

I originally joined PHS in February 1977 as a YOP (Youth Opportunity Person which was the original government recruiting system for young people just leaving school to enter the workplace for a period of six months and they paid your wage.) I was offered a permanent position in August 1977.

Where have you worked within PHS and in what capacity?

I started as the office junior, and then progressed onto looking after the raising of the invoices every period which involved me checking all accounts due, making sure the product code, period of invoice price, etc. were correct (the system used then was very manual and is far from “The Gold Standard” that we now follow.) From there I joined the accounts team as an accounts clerk looking after incoming queries via mail or phone call, onto the Dust Mat department looking after the queries, manufacture of mats, etc., Then onto Tenders Department as a clerk, onto Key Accounts and finally onto Managed Accounts as a Supervisor.

What do you think makes PHS successful?

The standard of training, the commitment of the working force, irrespective of which department or division you work for, the professionalism we all strive to provide.

It’s important to ‘switch off’ when your working day comes to an end...

So how do you relax after a typical day?

Reading, walking, a nice glass of wine.

With that in mind, what would be your perfect day?

A day out sight seeing in London followed by a musical show, completed by a romantic meal with hubby.

I know for me, eating a nice meal in good company can be very fulfilling, so lets try this one then....

If you could have one guest (past or present) to dinner, who would it be and what one question would you like to ask them?

I would invite Denzel Washington as I find him a fine actor and a generally nice person when watching him being interviewed. My question would be ‘how did you start your acting career?’

As you’d be having a meal, tell me what is your favourite food?


So this dinner party may also include close friends and family, tell me...

How would they describe you?

Relaxed, up for a laugh and warm natured.

And finally...

What are you most proud of?

I am really really proud of my mother. A few years ago her sister needed a kidney transplant urgently to enable her quality of life to be enhanced. My mother offered her kidney without a second thought and after many tests proved to be a compatible donor. The operation went ahead, giving my Aunty a few more years with us. SHE IS A STAR.