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Save water and money with us

Water is essential for life and the demand is unprecedented. Every day in the UK, there’s over 200 million hand washes outside the home in businesses. We lead the market in water management systems and urinal services for the washroom. Our innovative and water saving products can save you up to 70% of the water used in the urinals, reducing the need for expensive repair and maintenance bills.

A new era in water saving technology


Saving you up to 70% of water, phs has the device for delivering just the right amount of water. The FLOWSAVER TAP is an insert that fits onto almost all modern taps saving you water and money. The busier the location, the greater the savings!

Watch our FLOWSAVER TAP demonstration video to learn more about the potential savings.


Using innovative, patented technology, our urinal water management system ensures the perfect balance between hygiene and cost. An award-winning water saving device, the FLOWSAVER URINAL prevents unnecessary urinal flushing.

Click here to see a guide on all our water saving products.

Water Saving Guide


Installation of FLOWSAVER TAP will reduce the flow of your sink taps from 6-10L per minute down to 1.7L per minute. Installation of FLOWSAVER URINAL can save up to 70% of water when compared to an uncontrolled cistern.

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