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Boost safety with Wet Area Matting

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Wet Area Mats

Looking for a durable wet area matting solution? phs has the perfect mat for you! Wet area matting from phs is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These hardwearing and UV resistant mats are made from Nitrile Rubber, providing a cost-effective and long-term solution for your premises.

Why phs is the leading provider in Wet Area Mats

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Regular servicing

We’ll regularly remove your mats for specialist laundering, delivering fresh mats every time.

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High quality

Our mats are versatile and hard wearing, and have a Royal Warrant seal of approval.

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Benefits of phs Wet Area Matting:

  • Slip resistant for increased safety in wet area.
  • Anti-fatigue properties make them comfortable to walk on.
  • Hygienically treated with anti-microbial treatment .
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Suitable for

Leisure Areas
Suitable for locker rooms, showers, pools, and spas.

Medical Areas
Safe to use in operating rooms and scrub areas.

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Wet Area Mats

Wet Area Matting

Wet Area Matting

Durable Wet Area Matting for indoor and outdoor use. Find out more about this product

Ultra plus mat

Ultra plus mat

Effectively removes and absorbs more heavy duty foot borne... Find out more about this product

Ultraflow Mats - Anti-Fatigue

Ultraflow Mats - Anti-Fatigue

Providing extra support for employees standing on their feet... Find out more about this product

Slip Safety Service

Slip Safety Service

Reduce the risk of slip accidents Find out more about this product

At phs, our wet room matting is ideal for reducing slip hazards next to indoor or outdoor swimming pools, in steam rooms or other wet commercial areas. They also help create a secure environment in industrial settings such as factories that may have wet environments.

Our range of wet area mats include options for a rubber mat with drainage holes, ideal for preventing slips and trips in wet areas. We also offer standard entrance matting for businesses which help reduce slips and trips in the workplace.

At phs, our wet mats with drainage holes are a popular choice and offer a functional and versatile standing surface for the everyday problem of reducing the risk to the public associated with slippery surfaces.

Testimonials from our customers

phs Mat Servicing

phs Mat Servicing

Lift and Lay Service

Mats are professionally installed at your premises by our service team as part of our lift and lay service.

Your mats are regularly removed for specialist laundering, and immediately replaced with fresh ones, so your floors are never left without protection.

Flexible service options are available so we can tailor the frequency of our service to suit your site’s requirements.

On Site Service

Our specialist on-site cleaning service ensures your oversize or permanent fit mat well matting is properly cared for. Even the largest matting installations can and should be regularly deep cleaned to keep it looking great, and working efficiently.

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We wash 6 mats per minute every day.

Advanced Laundering

Our laundering process is technologically advanced, as well as being environmentally conscious. Your mats are thoroughly deep cleaned to remove all moisture, dirt and grit, so they’re returned to you looking bright, smart and rich in colour.

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