Specialist cleaning from PHS

National coverage 

No matter if you have a single site or multiple sites located across the UK, you can still rest assured that we will provide a consistently high quality service.

Flexible service provider

To minimise any disruption to your business, we endeavour to fit our services around you, including the option to complete cleaning and restoration work out of business hours.

Professional technicians

Our specialist cleaning services are carried out by our own dedicated, professional technicians with the necessary experience for the job.

High industry standards

If the incorrect equipment and techniques are used, the damage to your flooring could be irreversible. We only use the latest equipment and techniques to restore your flooring back to a presentable standard.


To prevent damage to your flooring, a seal is required. Before a strip and seal service, we can check the effectiveness of your surface seal with a simple test.


By prolonging the life of your flooring you can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, as well as your running costs.


Our deep clean services remove ingrained dirt and stains to extend the life of your flooring, facilities and furnishings.

Specialist cleaning & floorcare services

PHS Interclean has extensive experience maintaining and restoring various types of flooring, including; stone, hard flooring, vinyl, safety flooring, carpet and wooden floors. With our 15 years’ experience in the industry, and a team of professional, experienced technicians, we never compromise on the quality of our customer service or the condition and cleanliness of your business premises.

Our cleaning and restoration services

On-site cleaners do a great job with the day to day cleaning of your site, but situations can arise that require greater cleaning specialism, be it because of expertise or the requirements for specialist equipment.

Our commitment to your business

  • Best practice techniques
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Prolonging carpet life

Cleaning and restoration

To guarantee the best results,we only use the latest equipment and techniques in polishing, grinding, stripping and sealing wooden and stone flooring

Our techniques explained

High standards

Our team of technicians work to the highest standards, so no matter what flooring type requires cleaning, our customers are always delighted with the end result.

Our customer service

Keep up appearances

In a business environment, carpets need more than a daily vacuuming. Regular maintenance will help to prolong their life, which means your running costs are reduced.

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