Blind cleaning

PHS Interclean has over 20 years’ experience providing blind cleaning and maintenance for hospitals, hotels, offices, government buildings and educational facilities. With our teams of dedicated, expert cleaning technicians located nationwide, we provide a bespoke, high quality service that’s tailored to you and your business.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Complete disinfection
  • On-site and off-site service
  • DBS checked and PASMA trained staff
  • Minor repairs and refitting included
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Specialist blind cleaning procedure 

As the specialist cleaning experts, PHS Interclean use only the most effective processes when it comes to blind cleaning and maintenance.

Using a process called ‘Ultrasonic Cleaning’, your blinds will firstly be dipped into a solution containing a strong anti-bacterial agent. High frequency sound waves are then passed through this solution, creating tiny bubbles which grow until they implode violently on a microscopic scale.

When these implosions takes place near a hard surface, the bubble turns into a jet, around a tenth the size of the bubble, which travels at speeds of up to 400 kilometres an hour. 

With the combination of high pressure, temperature and velocity produced by these jets, our specialist blind cleaning procedure enables all areas of the blinds to be cleaned to a high standard, including very small and intricately shaped crevices.

As part of the blind cleaning service, blinds are thoroughly inspected with any minor repairs and general maintenance being provided as standard.

  • All parts of the blind, including internal mechanisms, are cleaned
  • Immersion ensures that no dust or bacteria is redistributed through ‘flick’ dusting
  • Slats are provided with an anti-static treatment as standard
  • All cleaning, repairs and refittings are completed by professional technicians
  • When you initally contact PHS, one of our team members will work with you to arrange our specialist cleaning service during a time most suited to you and the running of your business.
  • On the day of the service, our cleaning team will arrive at your site with their specialist equipment having already been provided.
  • They will then carry out a high standard of cleaning on every surface within your premises, including any food preperation, production and serving areas, as well as floors and heavy equipment.
  • After the service, you will be supplied with before and after photographs and a certificate as proof of the deep clean.

PHS provides a selection of specialist cleaning services for kitchens, clinical environments and the interior and exterior of your building.

Due to the wide range of workplace types we serve, pricing for these services is dependent on a variety of factors including your location, building size and the time spent carrying out your specialist cleaning service.


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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