Clinical cleaning

Environments which require clinical cleaning, such as hospital wards, have an incredibly high risk of infection. A deep cleaning service is only way you can be fully confident that your environment is hygienic. At PHS, our clinical cleaning services are undertaken by professional, thorough and highly efficient teams to guarantee a sterile end result.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Bespoke service available
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Protects against MRSA & E.Coli
  • Fully compliant with Health & Safety standards
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Clinical cleaning requires absolute professionalism and attention detail that goes far above and beyond the standard level. This is where PHS comes in.

During our Clinical Cleaning service, our professional team will clean your premises to the highest standard while wearing completely sterile, industry standard clothing and using only industry standard approved chemicals and solutions.

For hard to reach or porous surfaces, we also offer a mechanical 'fogging' service. This ensures that even the most difficult to reach sections of your workplace are completely sterile.

All work will comply with Health and Safety regulations in addition to existing site specific regulations.

  • Bespoke service to meet your specific requriements
  • Unique ‘fogging’ service for hard to reach spaces and porous surfaces
  • Effective protection against the spread of MRSA, C.diff, E.Coli and the Norovirus
  • All work complies with Health and Safety regulations and existing site specific regulations
  • When you initally contact PHS, one of our team members will work with you to arrange our specialist cleaning service during a time most suited to your business.
  • On the day of the service, our cleaning team will arrive at your site with their specialist garments and approved chemicals and solutions having already been provided.
  • They will then carry out a high standard of cleaning, including our unique 'fogging' service, to ensure that all hard to reach areas are cleaned.

PHS provides a selection of specialist cleaning services for kitchens, clinical environments and the interior and exterior of your building.

Due to the wide range of workplace types we serve, pricing for these services is dependent on a variety of factors including your location, building size and the time spent carrying out your specialist cleaning service.


Specialist cleaning

At PHS, we provide specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors to make sure that your site is compliant and clean across all areas.

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