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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Talk About Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning of a kitchen
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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

People set high expectations for the cleanliness of your kitchen. At phs Group, we have over 20 years of specialist cleaning experience. Our kitchen deep cleaning services will leave you with sparkling facilities that meet every hygiene standard.

Why phs is the leading provider in kitchen deep cleaning

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Increased hygiene

Our kitchen deep cleaning services will improve hygiene levels for both your customers and kitchen staff.

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We’ll scour every oven, pot, fryer, floor space and ceiling, and we’ll give you a certificate to prove the work has been done.

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Regulatory compliance

Our kitchen deep cleaning services will make sure your facilities meet strict food hygiene standards.

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Convenient service

Our fully trained deep clean technicians will service your kitchen equipment at the times that suit you best.

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Other Specialist Cleaning Services

Every organisation has a duty to provide a clean, safe and hygienic environment. Commercial kitchens require that extra level of care.

Your customers set high standards for the levels of cleanliness in your kitchen, and your food hygiene ratings are now expected to be displayed as standard.

We know that no matter how good your daily cleaning routine, busy commercial kitchens and their equipment will become coated in grease, fat and dust.

At phs, our specialist kitchen deep cleaning services will help your facilities meet all the right hygiene standards.

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AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

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The washrooms are located near to the entrance of the golf club. For the first time ever, the fragrance from the air fresheners has actually carried through to the entrance as well as the Golf Pro shop. Numerous staff members and customers have said just how welcoming the entrance and golf shop are as a result. That’s especially great as many of our golfers are returning to the club after a day of sport, so the pleasant aroma is certainly helpful.

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