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Washroom Deep Cleaning

Talk About Washroom Cleaning
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Washroom Deep Cleaning

You have a duty to protect people’s health and safety throughout your building. In some areas, you may need to take more care than in others. At phs Group, our washroom deep cleaning services will remove mould and deep stains, leaving you with safer, more hygienic facilities.

Why phs is the leading provider in washroom deep cleaning

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Improved maintenance

Our washroom deep cleaning services improve drainage, help spot problems and prolong the life of your facilities.

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High hygiene levels

Our deep cleaning services will sanitise every washroom surface, reducing the risk of germs and infection.

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Tailored servicing

Our professional technicians will shape how they deliver their services to the needs of your organisation.

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Increased confidence

Our deep cleaning service will leave you with washrooms that people are happy to use and come back to.

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Other Specialist Cleaning Services

People set high standards for the washroom facilities they use. Many would think twice about returning to a washroom that creates the wrong impression.

We know that maintaining busy washroom areas to such high standards can seem like a full-time job, but doing so is essential for the safety of the people who use them.

While your washroom may look clean, achieving the levels of hygiene expected can demand specialist equipment and skill that may be outside the responsibility of your everyday cleaning staff.

At phs, our washroom deep cleaning services will remove all signs of mould and stains, and help reassure people you are putting their safety and comfort first.

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Cost-effective washroom solutions

Cost-effective washroom solutions

The main focus for us was to reduce the amount we were spending on our washrooms without jeopardising hygiene. With the help of phs we were able to introduce a number of energy-saving, cost-effective products as well as create a cleaner, more pleasant environment within our washrooms with hygienic waste disposal bins and a reliable waste collection service.

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