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Enhance customer experience and improve sustainability with phs AIRSCENT XTRA. An intelligent air freshening system that uses twin fragrance canisters to keep interior premises smelling fresh and inviting.

phs AIRSCENT XTRA offers a refreshing range of fragrance choices, making it an ideal air freshening option for any interior environment.

It uses AROMAGUARD technology to neutralise and eliminate unwanted outdoors. While the LED display shows up-to-date information on usage and remaining fragrance capacity.

  • A fully serviced unit, phs Service technicians will ensure you never run out of your chosen fragrance.

  • Five immersive scents to choose from, including Pink Grapefruit, Clear Sky, Vanilla, Green Leaf and Ocean Glacier.

  • Ideal for use in and out of washroom environments, including offices and retail shops.

  • Neutralises and eliminates unwanted odours with AROMAGUARD technology.

  • This air fragrancing unit is available in your choice of white, black, or nickel.

Seeing Double

The twin cannister feature allows you to mix fragrances to combat fragrance fatigue and ensure the best experience. Once one cannister is empty, the other will be used.

An intelligent System

Displays the number of minutes to the next activation for added user experience. There is also a sleep mode to ensure there are no wasted sprays if your premises are empty for long periods of time.

Fully serviced fragrancing

phs AIRSCENT XTRA is a fully managed solution, freeing time for your staff to concentrate on other duties. The easy-to-read LCD display gives a clear overview of the units status.

Remove malodours

phs AIRSCENT XTRA uses AROMAGUARD malodour counteractant technology, to neutralise and eliminate unwanted odours.

Ethical Fragrancing

The manufacturing and development of our fragrances does not involve the use of any animal product, by-product, or derivative, and does not involve testing on animals.

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We are committed to maintaining ethical relationships with our suppliers, with business goals deeply grounded in social responsibility.

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