Fab Little Bag - Pack of 20 | Sanitary Disposal Bags

FabLittleBag bags


FabLittleBag bags

Sustainability is a must in today’s business environment.

With 87% of consumers saying sustainability is a key criterion when making purchasing decisions*, it’s important we protect our environment and its resources.

Working with phs and award winning FabLittleBag, you can ensure hygienic and sustainable period care in your business and working environment.

Made from plants and recycled materials they complement your phs sanitary disposal bin keeping them clean and odour free. Unique design allows one handed opening and they seal closed.

Encouraging period products to be put into the phs sanitary bin instead of being flushed instantly reduces the risk of pollution to our rivers and oceans, caused by flushing sanitary products and helps to prevent blockages saving embarrassment and money.

When FabLittleBags are used in conjunction with a phs sanitary disposal bin, you can be sure you protect the environment by diverting hygiene waste away from landfill, through our LifeCycle Strategy.

Through our LifeCycle Strategy, we partner with Energy from Waste plants across the UK, who transform your hygiene waste into energy, which is used to power industry, hospitals and even homes.

*Source https://www.ey.com/en_us/consumer-products-retail/make-sustainability-accessible-to-the-consumer

  • Bag is made using plant based products

  • Bag dimensions - 150mm (high) x 80mm (wide)

  • By using FabLittleBags to bin hygiene waste instead of flushing, businesses can help to reduce the plastic pollution in oceans and rivers.

  • By promoting binning and not flushing amongst your employees, these bags will save you money on blockages caused by flushing sanitary products.

  • Opaque and fully sealable, the bags keep cubicle bins clean, hygienic, and odour-free giving phs customers a better experience, not to mention fewer callouts and complaints

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