PHS EcoFlow – Efficient Water Management Solution




phs ECOFLOW offers a chemical free way to keep urinal pipes clean and free from blockages.

Diamond Flow Cell technology is used to convert tap water into Ozonated water. Producing a natural and chemical-free liquid that leaves pipes clear of limescale and unwanted odour.

The perfect partnership

The ECOFLOW works in conjunction with the FLOWSAVER XTRA to provide a complete hygiene solution for urinals, saving up to 70% of water. Both products are available on a fully serviced basis from phs.

  • Destroys tough odours instead of just masking them.

  • 100% natural and safe sanitising, more effective than bleach.

  • Works faster & more effectively than harmful chemicals.

  • Uses no harmful chemicals and no COSHH required.

phs ECOFLOW is fully managed by phs Service technicians. This means we will install and maintain your chosen units. Ensuring they are always working safely and effectively.

phs ECOFLOW works in conjunction with phs FLOWSAVER to provide a complete hygiene solution for urinals. Both products are available on a contracted service basis from phs.

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