Surface Sanitiser

phs Surface Sanitiser


phs Surface Sanitiser

This provides a convenient sanitising solution to enable users to easily sanitise cubicle or other surfaces as and when required, creating a more hygienic environment.

Providing a Surface Sanitiser in a washroom cubicle or baby changing area can help maintain a cleaner, more hygienic area. The pump action dispenser displays printed instructions to ensure ease of use, and dispenses fluid which can be applied to using toilet tissue, to sanitise the surface area.

The sanitising fluid is a non-irritant, pale blue, water consistency liquid with a subtle orange fragrance. The dispenser is moulded with antibacterial surface protection incorporated into the plastic, which is proven to reduce the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Sanitising fluid kills germs effectively.

Fast acting and rapid drying with a no-rinse formula.

Helps to maintain hygienic environment.

Dispenser incorporates a proven anti-microbial surface protection

Pump action dispenser displays printed instructions.

Compact and discreet for small locations.

Lockable and robust design with bulk fill reservoir.

Fully serviced unit by trained phs personnel.

Enough fluid for approximately 1,000 uses from one fill.

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Collected hygiene waste is diverted away from landfill and disposed of sustainably with the industry-leading phs LifeCycle Strategy.

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