Building brand reputation? Then look in your toilet

Reputation is one of the most important aspects of your organisation. Whether you’re a large chain, or a small independent business, reputation matters. And whilst a lot of time, and a lot of money can be spent on traditional marketing and advertising opportunities to build brand and reputation, there are hidden dangers lurking in quiet corners of every business, which could flush your good reputation down the drain. Enter the humble toilet. A toilet says a lot about your brand, and how you value your staff and customers.


According to our own washroom hygiene survey, 64% of women said they have walked out of a venue because their toilet facilities were unhygienic, compared to 67% of men. 91% of men said that unclean toilet facilities would put them off re-visiting a hospitality venue. Find ways to tackle this problem here

Today, more than ever before, not only will poor washrooms discourage individual customers, it will also damage a venue’s reputation and expose it to millions of potential customers online and across social media networks. The damage to a business in this regard can be devastating and long-lasting. Consumers are more discerning and demanding than ever before, particularly millennials who are fierce in their knowledge of their consumer rights, and the influential ‘self-broadcasting’ weapons at their disposal – Facebook, Trip Advisor, Twitter and Instagram.

There are lots of reasons a washroom may appear unhygienic, but one of them is as plain as the nose on your face. While it has been known for some time that environmental stressors, such as noise and increased light levels, have a greater psychological impact on certain groups than others, less is known about the impact of odour in provoking emotional responses. Smell can play a big part in dictating our mood, because of the emotional response it triggers. So, if a washroom smells bad, the perception is it must be unhygienic. This is not the positive narrative you want for your reputation or brand. Washroom facilities are not simply functional, they reflect your brand and your company’s core values.

Nothing says “we don’t care” more than dirty, smelly washrooms. And it doesn’t take much of a leap for a customer to assume if a washroom is dirty, so is the kitchen. There are many ways to help foster a positive and healthy environment for your customers and staff. Air purification products, like the phs AERAMAX Professional, help to clean the air, removing malodors and germs, keeping washrooms smelling clean, and keeping germs at bay.  Discover more about AERAMAX PRO here

The power of fragrance is a well-documented science, which has a long and rich tradition. People have been using fragrance to influence moods and perceptions for thousands of years. Although the sense of smell is subjective, there is normally very little disagreement about what constitutes a truly foul smell. Everyone knows when a washroom smells bad, and most people believe that if it smells bad, it cannot be clean. This can also apply to areas such as corridors, meeting rooms and changing rooms.

Citrus fragrances are universally recognised for their fresh, clean, uplifting character, making them popular within the male washroom environment. The sharp citrus notes cut through the smell of ammonia/urine, leaving a refreshing fragrance in its place. In the female washroom, a more aromatic and perfumed ambience is required, so customers tend to favour floral fragrances to convey a calming and sweet-smelling environment. Designed to leave a lasting impression, the phs AIRSCENT ATOM is an environmentally friendly air freshener, with no aerosols or propellants, just pure fragrance oil in a choice of 5 fragrances. It utilises advanced Piezo technology to atomise the fragrance oils into tiny molecules that float in the air, leaving a longer lasting scent. Learn about the benefits of the AIRSCENT ATOM here

Considering that the washroom is often the first or last interaction a customer has with a business, a negative experience can leave a lasting impression. There are many ways to make your business stand out from the crowd. Research demonstrates that washrooms intrinsically reflect a company’s culture, values and brand, so maintaining a hygienic washroom is as fundamental to your reputation as great service, and shows your customers you care. Click here to see how phs can help

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