Clean Air Day 2022

It’s Clean Air Day! An entire day dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of air pollution and the benefits of breathing clean air.

The theme for Clean Air Day 2022 is taking steps to improve health.

You may not realise it, but with air purification devices and the natural power of plants, you could create a happier and healthier workplace for your employees.

Clean interior air can:

> Increase health
Clean air reduces sickness rates, as polluted air is full of germs and allergens which can cause colds and flu.

> Improve wellbeing
Clean air naturally creates a positive and health-focused environment, leaving people feeling happier and more productive.

> Boost Comfort
Clean air helps us breathe easily. Making interior environments more comfortable, especially for those with seasonal allergies, asthma, and irritable skin conditions.

How clean is the air in your business premises?

Our interior air is polluted by a lot of everyday activities and products; from beauty and cleaning products to machinery and building materials.

Interior environments provide the perfect atmosphere for germs and bacteria to spread, especially if ventilation is poor. Therefore, if your building doesn’t have any air quality procedures in place, its quality is probably poor.

For more information on air quality, phs are offering a free download of their extensive air quality report. The report is full of scientific advice and invaluable consumer insights.

A cleaner future is possible with eco-friendly hygiene products.

AERAMAX Air Purifiers

These devices use HEPA filtration to clean and remove 99.99% of harmful germs and allergens from the air, including Covid-19.

ZONE Air Purifiers

These devices offer an effective and hygienic way to destroy 99.999% of viruses on surfaces and bacteria in the air. They’re also effective against Covid-19.

Plant Power

Plants naturally purify the air and improve customer and employee wellbeing. phs Greenleaf design, install, and maintain bespoke plant displays for businesses.


An intelligent air freshening system with LCD lights and motion detection to reduce its carbon footprint. New fragrance scents are designed for freshness.

Speak to an Aircare Expert

phs provide an extensive range of fully-serviced air care products that will safely clean the interior air of your business.

Get in touch for free advice and guidance from a phs Aircare Expert.

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