ECOFLOW - An Environmentally Friendly Cleaning System

For busy venues - such as train stations, stadiums, shopping centres and restaurants – clean, fresh toilets are essential to a good customer experience.

If the cleanliness of toilets, urinals and the plumbing system in general is not maintained, odour can spoil your customers’ experience beyond the bathroom door.

Hygienically cleaned amenities are important for public health.

The downside of cleaning and neutralising harmful bacteria, viruses, and odours with traditional products is the use of hazardous “COSHH” chemicals. That includes storing them, using them, and leaving chemical residue in the air and water.

Our collaboration partner GreenTeck Global approached our phs Product Development team with a new technology that provides eco-friendly cleaning which is highly convenient but low cost.

We know their cleaning system works because we used it in our own phs operations centre for eight months.

The phs experience

When we ran the trial of GreenTeck Global’s technology, Unpleasant washroom smells were completely eradicated within a week, improvements were noted in the first day.

The result is ECOFLOW, an environmentally friendly, natural, low-cost disinfectant system that is more powerful than bleach.

What is ECOFLOW and how does it work?

This entirely natural washroom system uses ozonated water to destroy odour and clears the urinal system’s build-up of uric acid crystals.

It’s partly thanks to diamonds.

This precious stone is now an important component in some electrodes in electrochemistry, with so much potential in the field of hygiene and disinfection.

ECOFLOW uses innovative patented diamond flow cell technology to convert ordinary tap water into ozonated water: a liquid with strong oxidisation properties, free of hazardous chemicals.

The “electrolysed” water is a 100% natural, all-purpose sanitising and cleaning solution that contains hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This is a naturally occurring steriliser with no harsh chemicals.

HOCl is also known as Freely Accessible Chlorine (FAC). It is the world’s strongest natural steriliser and works faster and more effectively than any comparable aggressive and expensive chemical sanitiser.

This gives it those powerful disinfectant properties.

Cleaning the whole sanitary system

It’s not just the toilets or urinal units that need to be cleaned.

Pipelines can get clogged by debris. Blockages or narrowing can occur right through the pipe system, which can be difficult to monitor. This contributes further to odour.

ECOFLOW tackles this. The electrolysed water’s oxidative strength breaks down uric acid build-up in plumbing fixtures and pipes during flushing. This helps clean the system of uric crystals. The ozonated water cleans as it flows through the pipework to the drains, improving flow and safely eliminating bathroom odours.

This makes it ideal for busy areas such as train stations, schools and shopping centres, where the toilets are always busy in between visits by your cleaning staff.


By combining this system with ECOFLOW you will save water and energy, with added assurance that the system will be left clean and fresh no matter how busy the facilities.

Why use ECOFLOW over other methods?

In conclusion, this system is a safe and cheaper alternative to the use of harsh chemicals. It reduces waste and saves on storage space, because there is less need for a stock room full of single use, disposable plastic bottles which then must be recycled or thrown away.

Given the nature of the technology, it can be introduced without the need to retrain your maintenance staff, and you won’t have to protect them from hazardous chemicals.

Our ECOSHIELD combined with ECOFLOW takes odour elimination to the next level, whilst controlling water usage. Perfect for busy “high footfall” locations.

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