Embracing Sustainability: phs’ Journey to a Plastic-Free Future

Plastic Free July is a worldwide movement led by the plastic-free foundation. It’s a month dedicated to educating people about plastic pollution, providing an opportunity to highlight the many ways we can all work to reduce the number of single-use plastics we use.

3 ways to reduce plastic waste in the workplace:

  • Assess your waste management process to ensure you’re recycling correctly; you should also educate employees on the correct process.

  • Look at using more eco-friendly products in the workplace, this could include switching from single-use coffee cups to reusable ones

  • Partner with suppliers that share the same environmental goals as you, this will help you meet your CSR goals more effectively.

Making your business more sustainable for Plastic Free July

The washroom is not necessarily the first place business think of when it comes to making their buildings more sustainable. But our washrooms offer a massive opportunity for us to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Partnering with suppliers that share your business's sustainability values will help achieve your goals. As a leading provider of hygiene and healthcare solutions, phs understand the critical role we play in protecting the environment.

Today, we are excited to highlight our progress in celebration of Plastic Free July – how we’re revolutionising our products, packaging, healthcare disposal units, and even our refurbishment practices to minimise our plastic imprint on the world.

We want to do the right thing for both our customers and the environment. This is why we’re leading the way with our sustainability initiatives, from turning nappies into electricity to refurbishing products at the end of their life.


phs Lifecycle Strategy: Diverting waste away from landfill

phs collect around 65,000 tonnes of hygiene waste from customers, including nappies and sanitary products. Many of these products contain plastics, and if disposed of in a landfill, they could take more than 500 years to decompose. However, the phs Lifecycle is instead diverting this waste to Energy from Waste plants where it is turned into low-carbon electricity for the National Grid. This enhances phs customers’ sustainability objectives; not only diverting waste from landfill but using it to create energy.

ECONYL Mats: A Leap Towards Sustainability

At phs, we believe that innovation holds the key to a greener future. That's why we have embraced ECONYL mats, a ground-breaking flooring solution that epitomises sustainability.

Our mats are crafted entirely from regenerated nylon yarn, derived from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste. By incorporating ECONYL into our mat offerings, we are actively reducing the demand for new nylon production and preventing further pollution of our precious oceans.

We are proud to provide our customers with a sustainable option that does not compromise on quality or performance.

Making our sanitary liner service even more sustainable

As part of the phs sanitary bin liner service, each bin is thoroughly cleaned during every service visit. To reduce plastic waste, we have worked with soluCLEAN to develop this new and exclusive Sani-Bin Cleaner.

This new Sani-Bin Cleaner will generate 38,258kg less in CO2 emissions per year. The reusable spray bottles are made from 100% recycled milk cartons. The branding on the bottle has also been printed with UV ink to ensure bottles can be further recycled when they come o the end of their life.

Revolutionising Healthcare Units: A Greener Approach

The healthcare industry has long been associated with single-use plastics. However, at phs, we embarked on a mission to introduce a sustainable healthcare disposal solution, partnering with Vernacare.

By introducing a range of sustainable healthcare units, we not only minimise our environmental impact but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable healthcare system. Our efforts are driven by a deep commitment to preserving the well-being of our planet and the communities we serve.

Refurbishment: Extending Product Lifecycles

In our commitment to reducing plastic waste, we recognise the importance of extending the lifecycle of our products. At phs, we refurbish some of our products to give them a new lease on life. By refurbishing and reusing items such as hand dryers and hygiene dispensers, we significantly reduce the amount of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills. This approach aligns with our sustainable vision and enables us to make a positive impact on the environment.

phs Warner Howard: Pioneering Plastic-Free Packaging

Within our family of companies, phs Warner Howard understands the environmental impact of plastic packaging and is committed to making a difference. That's why they have taken decisive steps to introduce plastic-free packaging for select products.

By prioritising the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, they are reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. We believe that responsible packaging is an essential part of our commitment to sustainability and are pleased to set an example.

Meet your CSR goals by partnering with phs

As we look forward, our journey towards sustainability is an ongoing endeavour. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our environmental initiatives and reducing our reliance on plastic across all aspects of our operations.

Through collaboration with sustainable suppliers, investment in research and development, a culture of continuous improvement, and our commitment to refurbishment, we are actively shaping a future where plastic pollution becomes a thing of the past.


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