Entrance Matting – Your Ultimate Winter Matting Cleaning Routine

Winter brings unique challenges to maintaining clean and safe commercial or public spaces –particularly at the entrance where dirt and moisture are prevalent and likely to intensify during bad weather. Establishing a regular cleaning routine for matting, especially during these cold, often wet winter months, is crucial. This blog discusses the key features of an effective matting cleaning routine and explains why boosting this routine in winter is vital for reducing unwanted hazards and contaminants. 

Importance of winter matting cleaning 

In winter, the accumulation of dirt, debris, moisture, and de-icing salts from footwear increases significantly. These contaminants not only make floors dirty but also create slip hazards. Regular mat cleaning becomes essential to maintain hygiene and safety. Quality mats capture this dirt and moisture, preventing their spread into the building. However, without proper cleaning, mats lose their efficacy, leading to increased cleaning needs elsewhere and potential safety risks. 

Key features of an effective matting cleaning routine 

A good winter matting cleaning routine involves several key features: 

  1. Frequency: Increase frequency of cleaning as mats get dirtier faster in winter – with regular weekly inspection and cleaning a must for keeping on top of potential risks.
  2. Deep cleaning: Regular deep cleaning to remove all moisture, dirt, and grit is essential. This ensures mats retain their functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Professional maintenance: Professional services ensure thorough and efficient cleaning. Specialised equipment and expertise – such as phs’s specialist floorcare management services – are needed for comprehensive care, particularly for oversized or permanent fit mats.
  4. Customised service: Tailoring the cleaning service to the specific needs of your site is crucial, considering factors like footfall, type of dirt, and mat material.

Boosting cleaning routines in winter 

Boosting the cleaning routine during winter is not only about cleanliness but also about health and safety. Increased foot traffic brings more contaminants, raising the risk of slips and falls. Enhanced cleaning routines remove stubborn stains and eliminate slip risks, thereby improving the overall safety of the premises. Regular, thorough cleaning also extends the lifespan of mats, making it a cost-effective strategy. 

Bring in the experts to guarantee quality care 

phs offers a comprehensive range of matting cleaning services, designed to meet the specific needs of different commercial environments, especially during the challenging winter months. These services, delivered to thousands of premises UK-wide, include: 

  • Advanced laundering process: phs employs a technologically advanced laundering process. This method thoroughly deep cleans mats, effectively removing all moisture, dirt, and grit. The result is mats that are not only clean but also maintain their vibrant colours and functionality. 
  • On-site frequent cleaning service: For oversized or permanent fit mat well matting, phs provides a specialised on-site frequent cleaning service. This service is particularly important for large matting installations that require regular deep cleaning to keep them looking professional and working efficiently. 
  • Lift and lay service: phs's lift and lay service ensures that your commercial spaces are never without mat protection. This service involves regularly removing mats for specialist laundering and immediately replacing them with fresh ones. This approach offers continuous protection for your floors and reduces the wear and tear of your flooring. 
  • Flexible service options: Recognising that every site has unique requirements, phs offers flexible service options. We tailor the frequency of our service to suit your site's specific needs and provide expert advice on maintaining floors. 
  • Comprehensive range of mats: phs supplies and installs a wide range of quality floor mats, including personalised designs. Their extensive range of mats ensures that we can cater to various commercial environments, from retail spaces to industrial settings, hospitals to schools, and beyond. 
  • Professional floor cleaning service: Beyond mat services, phs also offers a professional floor cleaning service. This service includes standard and specialist commercial cleaning for various floor types like wooden floors, tiled floors, stone floors, and commercial carpet cleaning. We also provide polishing services, window cleaning, restoration services, and more, ensuring comprehensive floor care. 
  • Environmental commitment: phs demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through our use of ECONYL yarn in new mats. This material is made by recovering nylon waste, such as fishing nets and fabric scraps, contributing to environmental cleanliness. 

With our extensive experience and wide range of services, phs is well-equipped to support businesses in maintaining clean, safe, and attractive commercial spaces throughout the winter and beyond. 

The bottom line 

Effective winter matting cleaning routines are essential for maintaining clean, safe, and welcoming commercial and public environments. By understanding the key aspects of a good cleaning routine and leveraging the expertise of professionals like phs, businesses can ensure their matting solutions remain effective throughout the winter months. phs's services offer an ideal combination of efficiency, environmental consciousness, and practicality, making us a valuable partner in winter floorcare hygiene management. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements. 

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