How Indoor Door Mats Capture Dirt

A clean office space makes an excellent first impression – nobody wants to walk into somewhere that hasn’t been cleaned. Your entrance is important, being the first thing people will see when they walk in. Muddy footprints are not the way to win over customers or clients.

But a clean office space is about more than first impressions, it’s about maintaining hygiene too. People can bring in all kinds of dirt from outside on their feet, spreading it throughout the office. Door mats are an excellent way to capture dirt and help keep your workplace clean.

Learn more about how indoor door mats capture dirt and why they’re a must for your building.

They help capture outside dirt

The main function of an indoor door mat is to capture dirt, preventing it from entering the rest of the building. Made from materials such as regenerated nylon, dirt trap mats are designed to catch excess dirt from the outside and keep it contained. The combination of ridges and stiff fabrics provide the perfect surface for dislodging dirt from shoes.

They stop excess water from coming in

Wet, rainy days usually mean wet feet too. And when you’ve got dozens or hundreds of people walk through your door on any given day, you’ll want to make sure that those wet feet don’t end up dragging dirt and more all over your floors. Heavy-duty indoor door mats can help keep your floors dry, making it easier to keep the rest of your flooring clean.

They make people stop to wipe their feet

Seeing an indoor door mat usually prompts people to wipe their feet. It’s an instinctive reaction when you enter a room, especially when it’s been raining. Without a door mat, people will likely continue to walk through without checking what’s on their feet, meaning your floors can soon end up damp and covered in dirt.

They’re absorbent and long-lasting

Door mats are designed to be resilient. If you have a lot of people coming through the door each day, you’re going to want to choose a door mat that’s going to last.

What’s great about these types of dirt trap mats is that they can be maintained and cleaned as part of a laying service that will help you keep your premises clean and clear, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to change them or clean them regularly.

They help make your entrances safer

As well as trapping water and dirt, indoor door mats will help make your entranceway safer. They’ll stop slips and trips caused by water and mud and make a particularly shiny or uneven floor surface easier to navigate for those with mobility issues. Door mats are designed to be non-slip, so once your mat is fitted in place, you won’t have to worry about it moving and potentially causing a hazard. Health and safety should be a priority for your business, and adding a door mat is one of the ways you make it safer.

If you want to benefit from an absorbent, hard-wearing door mat for your business, phs can help. We can provide Fitted Tergo HD Mats to give you with the perfect commercial door mat solution, a great way to keep your premises clean and hygienic. We can also provide a lift and lay service to help take your mats off-site to be cleaned and replaced as needed.

All of our mats are made with ECONYL® yarn, a type of regenerated nylon made by from nylon waste from fishing nets, fabric straps and used carpets. This not only helps keep your building clean, but the oceans too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how phs can help you maintain a clean and hygienic workplace, contact us today.

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