How to safely dispose of waste in your pharmacy

As pharmacies start preparing for the winter with flu and booster jabs, it’s important that related healthcare waste is disposed of in line with legal requirements. phs offers secure storage, collection, and safe disposal of all types of healthcare waste and sharps.

From swab and dressing disposal to liquid waste bins, phs will dispose of your waste safely and legally. Your business will be provided with bins and containers, with waste collected at a frequency of your choosing.

A sustainable way to dispose of COVID testing waste
Lateral flow tests are classed as a non-hazardous chemical waste, meaning they need to be segregated and incinerated. This makes it vital for premises undertaking regular rapid testing to have a safe waste disposal process in place.

The COVID lateral flow testing bin from phs will provide your pharmacy with an easy and safe way to manage testing waste.

Hygiene products are a necessary part of our lives, but disposing of them via incineration or landfill is environmentally unfriendly. COVID lateral flow testing waste collected by phs is taken to Energy from Waste plants where it can be safely turned into energy which is sent to the National Grid. Providing your pharmacy with a sustainable waste management solution.

Recommended healthcare disposal services for pharmacies

> COVID lateral flow testing bin
Premises undertaking regular rapid testing should have a safe waste disposal process in place. The COVID lateral flow testing bin is a fully serviced and fuss-free solution that will help keep premises safe, providing a secure way to dispose of PPE and related waste.

The COVID lateral flow testing bin provides an efficient way to dispose of lateral flow testing waste:

  • Pedal operation removes the need for hand contact, reducing the risk of cross infection.
  • Privacy flaps under the lid keep waste fully sectioned off.
  • phs will collect and safely dispose of your waste at a frequency of your choice.


> Swab and dressing disposal
The swabs and dressings disposal container has been specifically designed for the safe disposal of clinical and hazardous swabs, and dressings waste, from a range of environments.

The unit is pedal operated, removing the need for hand contact and reducing the risk of cross infection.

> Ecoloc Bin.
Hazardous waste requires special containment and must be stored, transported, and disposed of safely. The Ecoloc bin provides an hygienic and safe way to dispose of hazardous waste

With a Robust and hard-wearing EUROBin from phs, you can easily store and control bulk waste on your premises.

Available in a 240, 660 and 1,000-litre capacity, this bulk waste collector is highly versatile. It’s also suitable for storing all types of waste, including nappies and sanitary products.


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