Is a Euro bin right for your business, and what size to choose?

Businesses – no matter how small or environmentally savvy – produce waste. From paper, cardboard and plastics to food waste, sanitary waste and so on…  In fact, data reported by the UK Government indicates that more than 40 million tonnes of waste is produced by commercial and industrial sectors combined each year. Clearly, there is no denying the fact that every day, all businesses generate waste and that a waste management system is essential to any business.  

Enter Euro bins – the modern, robust bulk waste solution to dispose of and manage your daily business waste. As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain, phs Group supplies Euro bin bulk waste management solutions to thousands of customers. Our bins are delivered directly to your premises and collections are managed according to your requirements. However, with multiple sizes available depending on your capacity needs, it may be challenging to determine which one is the right fit for your business. This handy guide will take you through their uses and sizes. 

What are Euro bins? 

Euro bins are robust bulk waste collectors designed for the hygienic and efficient disposal of waste. Manufactured with a hard-wearing construction, they are suitable for storing a wide range of waste types, from general office waste to specific disposables like nappies and sanitary products. One of the standout features of Euro bins is their lockable lids, which can be secured with a universal bin key. This not only ensures that the waste remains contained but also acts as an excellent deterrent against scavenging, ensuring that your waste disposal is both secure and efficient. 

Why Euro bins are essential for modern businesses 

The versatility of Euro bins makes them a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a small office, a bustling restaurant, or a large hospital, efficient waste management is paramount. Euro bins, with their robust construction, offer a solution that is both practical and durable. 
Moreover, in an era where environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword but a business imperative, the choice of waste disposal method can significantly impact a company's environmental credentials. The phs Group's Euro bins are part of our sector-leading LifeCycle Strategy. This strategy involves partnering with major Waste From Energy processors in the UK to divert hygiene waste away from landfills. Instead of contributing to the growing landfill problem, the waste is converted into sustainable energy, powering schools, hospitals, factories, and homes. By opting for such a waste disposal method, businesses can play their part in environmental conservation while also benefiting from efficient waste management.

Choosing the right Euro bin size for your business 

Euro bins come in three capacities, catering to the diverse needs of businesses. These primary Euro bin sizes are: 
1. 240 Litres: Ideal for small businesses or those with limited waste output. This compact size ensures that even businesses with space constraints can efficiently manage their waste. 
2. 660 Litres: A mid-sized option, this Euro bin is perfect for medium-sized establishments or those with a moderate amount of waste. It strikes a balance between capacity and space, ensuring that businesses don't feel overwhelmed. 
3. 1,100 Litres: The largest of the lot, this Euro bin size is designed for businesses with substantial waste output. Whether it's a large restaurant, a hospital, or a busy shopping centre, this Euro bin ensures that waste disposal is never a concern. 

Euro bin servicing provision 

When choosing a Euro bin size, it's essential to assess your business's waste output. A smaller establishment might find the 240-litre bin on a periodic servicing schedule sufficient, while a larger one might need the 1,100-litre capacity, or even multiples of these, with regular servicing – depending on your volume of waste.  

The scheduled servicing from phs Group is included with the Euro bin provision and is a key aspect of this efficient waste management solution. Servicing can be scheduled to your business’s requirements, ensuring that waste disposal remains a hassle-free process regardless of the size you choose.

A waste solution for any business 

In conclusion, Euro bins offer a modern, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to waste management. Their robust construction, lockable lids, and versatility in sizes make them a must-have for all businesses aiming for efficient waste disposal. Whether you're a small start-up or a large organisation, there's a Euro bin size tailored to meet your needs and your budget. By integrating Euro bins into your waste management strategy, you're not just opting for a cleaner work premises but also playing a part in a larger environmental conservation narrative.  

If you need further support to assess your needs, explore the various Euro bin sizes, and make the choice that aligns with your business's waste management goals, talk to one of our service experts today. 

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