New sustainable sharps container range from Sharpsafe now available to phs clients

phs gives clients the green option in waste management

phs is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain—and that’s not something we take lightly. With over 300,000 locations, our clients look to us to lead the way in environmental responsibility and, by offering our clients the all-new Sharpsafe and Clinisafe sustainable containers range, we believe we’re setting the standard.

We know our customers want to be as green as possible; you’re saying you want to make an environmental impact and we hear you! Responsible waste management is one key way we can all make a difference to our planet and, with phs the only hygiene services company working with Vernacare, owners of the Sharpsafe and Clinisafe brand, we’re happy to be able to offer you the chance to do just that.

phs is proud to be the first service provider to offer Vernacare’s innovative 5th Generation Sharpsafe and Clinisafe containers. The roll out of recycled material within the Sharpsafe and Clinisafe product range reduces single-use plastic and reducing our carbon footprint as we look to support our customers to deliver on their environmental targets - so, while we’re making sure our clients have access to the best products on the market, we’re also taking care of the planet.

The new containers will be rolled out from April 2022, so our eco-conscious clients can get to work putting their green plans into action right away.

Sharpsafe and Clinisafe containers look a little different to what you’re used to (where environmental responsibility is concerned, it’s not about aesthetics) but actually we think the new designs are pretty sharp… if you’ll excuse the pun. The containers are available in grey, and the lids are the same colours they’ve always been. So, while your company is doing its bit for the planet, there’s no need to change your current processes - staff will be right at home with the new-look sharps containers.

The eco-friendly Sharpsafe range is available to phs customers in community 0.6L to 30L sharps clinical containers being the first recycled sharps containers to receive ISO, BSI Kitemark and is UN certified.

While the Clinisafe range is available in 30L, 50L and 60L and is also UN certified, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your new containers are world-class in quality, efficiency and safety.

What’s new about the Sharpsafe range?

  • The new Sharpsafe and Clinisafe containers feature a grey body with colour-coded lids for compliant waste segregation, so it’s quick and simple for busy staff to know which one to use.
  • Each of the containers has a minimum of 30% recycled material with some sizes achieving 100% recycled content in the base and 20% in the coloured lids, meaning phs customers can relax in the knowledge that they’re taking a stand on their carbon footprint.

What’s the benefit to your company?

  • Using the new Sharpsafe and Clinisafe containers will mean a significant reduction in your carbon emissions, helping your organisation to meet—and maybe even exceed—its healthy environment targets.
  • In using the environmentally friendly containers, you’ll also be avoiding the potential increased in cost from of HMRC’s plastic packaging and disposal tax.
  • Grey Sharpsafe containers are certified to ISO23907-1:2019 for sharps injury protection as standard; they’re also BSI (British Standards Institute) Kitemarked and certified to UN3291. So, not only can you be sure your new containers are world-class—you know they’re fully compliant with green credentials, too.
  • While the raw materials used to make the containers have changed, there is absolutely no quality compromise at all….
  • …and there are no extra costs: there is no planned price increase for making the move to grey containers. While market forces and global supply chain issues drive the price, phs continuously reviews cost increases to make sure we limit oncosts on to our customers whenever possible.

Does Vernacare’s Sharpsafe and Clinisafe range really help the environment?

In short: yes!

We’re proud to say that introducing environmentally friendly sharps and clinical waste containers will actively reduce the carbon footprints of both phs and our customers, as well as diverting single-use plastic away from landfill. In fact, last year, phs bought 312,000 single-use Sharpsafe containers. If we buy the same amount of the new grey containers this year, we calculate that we will reduce our carbon emissions by over 47%.

phs is committed to reduce its impact on the environment, as well as supporting customers with minimising their impact.

Contact us today to find out more.

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