The 3 most common workplace challenges

Juggling workplace issues with busy day jobs is just one of many problems facing senior managers everywhere, and is often the root of some serious headaches.

Although these problems are a source of annoyance, any manager worth their weight understands the importance of making sure they are addressed.

Failure to do so can result in a negative effect on productivity, business reputation and ultimately, the bottom line.

We hear these problems from businesses every day, so we’ve compiled a quick list of some top grumbles and potential ways of dealing with them quickly and effectively.

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Did you know, 73% of people believe a bad washroom indicates bad management?

Whether your washrooms are for customers or staff, the quality of your facilities will have an impact on how people perceive your business. Maintaining a professional and efficient appearance is key to success in any business. But in many fast-paced environments, there’s not always time to consider the importance of maintenance and upkeep within the office. Ensuring your washrooms are hygienic, well-maintained and topped up with essential supplies like soap and toilet roll leaves the right impression on clients and customers.

A good level of cleanliness in the workplace is indispensable for many reasons. Most importantly however, cleanliness is key in minimising staff illness and making a strong impression.

Regularly disinfecting work area surfaces is one of the most effective ways of curbing the spread of infection.

Telling employees to wash their hands can be patronising, so making sure that washrooms are fully stocked with soap is a good compromise. It’s also important to make sure all dispensers are in full working order.

An often overlooked area that makes a big difference is the exterior of your premises.

First impressions count, so if visitors or customers are greeted with a poorly maintained or dirty building when they arrive, their impression of your business is already tainted.

Staff morale

Staff morale is a very delicate and complicated beast. Positive morale relies on many factors, some of which will be out of your control.

For all that you do have a say in, it’s important to do your best to keep staff (and yourself) happy. Not doing so can result in an unproductive workforce and ultimately affect your bottom line.

If you look at the most successful companies, you’ll usually find a very employee-centric environment is fostered.

Try and think outside the box with your morale improving ideas. Generally though, think along the lines of greater flexibility, more creature comforts and recreation options.


Creating a clean, safe and welcoming environment isn’t just about managing the specific waste associated with your business. It is also about managing the less obvious, day-to-day dirt that is part of being human.

This dirt can be captured by mats, (link to mats) placed in areas of high footfall, helping to prevent it spreading throughout the building and help avoid slips and trips by soaking up water that can lead to wet, slippery floors, so you can avoid unnecessary and potentially costly accidents.

Not only do our unique mat products carry the Royal Warrant, we also help protect the environment by providing mats made from Econyl - a recycled material using fishing nets and plastics disposed in the ocean.

As well as providing suitable mats for your organisation, we also launder them, making sure that they continue to function effectively, trapping dirt and retaining moisture. Of course, this is just what we hear from our clients. What are your big workplace challenges? Let us know in the comments below.

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