The Benefits Of Logo and Safety Messaging Mats

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries, often leading to time off work or even long-term health issues. Many of these incidents, however, can be easily prevented through the use of proper health and safety matting.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of using logo mats and safety messaging mats to help improve safety and reduce injuries – as well as promote your brand and align it with your caring values.

The purpose of health and safety matting

Health and safety matting serves several important purposes in the workplace:

  • Absorbing moisture, grease and dirt from foot traffic to prevent slips. Matting soaks up water and debris from shoes, providing improved traction and preventing puddles or slippery layers from forming on flooring.
  • Providing grip underfoot, even when floors are wet. Rubber-backed matting is designed with textured surfaces and small holes to allow liquid to drain through while maintaining a non-slip surface. This is essential for wet areas.
  • Highlighting potential trip hazards like steps and slopes. Visually contrasting matting can be used on inclines or at the top of stairs to warn staff to take caution in hazardous zones.
  • Spreading weight and reducing fatigue from standing for long periods. Anti-fatigue matting creates extra cushioning, lowering stress on feet, knees, hips and back from standing or walking all day.
  • Promoting good hygiene by reducing dirt being walked into buildings. At building entrances, matting stops water, mud, grease and hazardous chemicals being tracked around the premises.

Different work environments require different types of matting depending on the specific risks present. However, for most businesses, having clear messaging and visibility of matting is crucial. Plus, the right messaging in the right place is a great branding opportunity, making your business premises easily recognisable.

The benefits of logo and message mats

Logo mats provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. High visibility mats with your company name, slogan or logo make it easy for staff and visitors to spot potential slip or trip hazards. And, when it comes to design: the brighter the better! Bright colours and designs are ideal for attracting attention – and that’s great both for health and safety and for branding.

Safety messaging mats clearly display warning messages, pointing out hazards or reminding staff of safety procedures. Some key messages to promote slip prevention include:

"Caution – Wet Floor"

"Stop and dry feet"

"No running"

"Mind the step"

As well as reminding staff to take care, matting messages are highly visible notifications for clients, partners and other site visitors, too. They serve as a constant safety reminder in high-risk areas.

Tips for using logo and message matting

How can you make the most of the messaging opportunities available? It’s worth considering the following:

  • Place matting in high footfall areas that are prone to spills or moisture – these can include entrances, kitchens, bars, production lines and bathrooms.
  • Use contrasting colours and large logos or text for maximum visibility. Opt for light logos on dark backgrounds or vice versa.
  • Rotate mats to different locations periodically so the messaging stays fresh and noticeable. Don't let staff become blind to the same signs.
  • Select mats with non-slip rubber backing for hard floors or anchor tape for carpets to keep them firmly in place.
  • Ensure mats are large enough for the area, to prevent slipping at the edges.
  • Clean and inspect mats regularly, making sure to check for damage or excessive wear and tears. Replace matting promptly when required.

For the full picture, see our whole range.

Choosing the right health and safety matting

With so many options available, it's important to select the right matting for your needs:

  • Entrance mats soak up moisture and debris, stopping it from being trailed indoors. Scraper mats are ideal.
  • Kitchen and bar mats need to be grease-resistant and easy to clean. Nitrile rubber mats are a good option.
  • Anti-fatigue mats reduce strain for standing tasks. High-quality anti-fatigue matting has excellent durability.
  • Safety message mats should use bright colours and bold text that really stand out.
  • Custom logo mats let you brand your business premises and improve matting visibility.

Invest in matting to prevent injuries

By investing in proper health and safety matting and following some simple tips, businesses can drastically reduce their risk of slips, trips and falls. High visibility logo and messaging mats act as a preventative measure by modifying behaviour and constantly highlighting potential hazards.

Find out more about matting maintenance here.

The Brand recognition benefits of logo mats

Promote your brand identity with custom logo floor mats

Using custom logo mats at entryways is an impactful yet subtle way to reinforce brand identity. Every time someone steps onto a logo mat, they will unconsciously register your brand name, slogan or logo.

With decades’ worth of studies showing that repeated exposure to branding boosts brand recognition, placing quality logo mats in high-traffic locations means your brand will be consistently visible to staff and visitors. This activates brand awareness and starts shaping positive perceptions.

So, not only are these mats brilliant for health and safety, but, over time, logo mats create strong associations between your brand and attributes like safety, quality and professionalism.

Make your business memorable with logo entrance matting

Logos mats also make your business premises much more recognisable and memorable: if the branding is clear and consistent across different locations, customers will start to find your business familiar and welcoming. An effective logo mat “announces” the business and indicates to visitors that they have arrived at the right place.

Alongside presenting a professional impression, this establishes your locations as safe and reputable places to visit. Consistent use of logo mats is a simple but highly effective branding technique for any business.

Here at phs, we stock a wide range of message mats and can even create custom logo mats tailored to your brand. Our expert team can advise you on implementing an effective matting programme to improve safety. Discover more about our floorcare services here, and get in touch today to discuss your workplace requirements.

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