The best ways to wash and dry your hands

It's Global Handwashing Day this Thursday (15th October), a day dedicated to promoting the importance of handwashing around the world.

The theme for Global Handwashing Day 2020 is Hygiene for All, focusing on ensuring everyone has the facilities and cleaning products they need to maintain good hand hygiene.

There are many ways to implement good hand hygiene, and these can be adapted to suit different situations and environments. To help you decide what options are best for your business, we have broken down the best ways to wash and dry your hands.

Importance of washing your hands
We wash our hands to stop the spread of germs and dirt, which helps to keep ourselves and others safe. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, increased handwashing has been proven to be one of our best preventative measures.

We are still very much in the middle of this pandemic, so it’s important that we don’t get complacent. Business should make sure they’re providing a range of suitable handwashing options to employees and customers.

  • Hand Sanitiser and dispensers
    Our easy to use automatic hand sanitiser dispensers provide a reliable way to protect employees and customers. Our brand new 2L stand offers increased capacity, which means refills are required less frequently.
    As part of a servicing contract, our dispensers will be topped up with liquid or foam hand sanitiser that is proven to kill 99.9% of all germs. Our smaller wall-mounted 1L dispensers can also be used in washrooms to dispense liquid hand soap.

  • Portable options
    For people on-the-go, our portable 1.5ml sanitisers sachets are a perfect solution. These sachets provide a convenient way to ensure that your employees and customers are always protected.

Importance of drying your hands
While we’re often told about the importance of handwashing, the importance of hand drying is not always giving the same attention.

The importance of good hand drying facilities should never be underestimated as it is the final stage in the cleaning process. It’s vital that you provide suitable drying methods in your business, as wet hands can transfer germs much more readily than dry hands 

  • Electric Hand Dryers
    Our range of electric hand drying options, including the phs WHISPER XL and the AIRSTREAM PURE, provide a fast drying solution with low running costs, making them a cost-effective investment.
    The AIRSTREAM PURE provides a fast dry time of less than 15 seconds, and with integral HEPA filters removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the drying air.
    The phs WHISPER XL is one of the quietest drying on the market, making it perfect for offices, restaurants, and hotels. The dryer is made from antibacterial plastic that curbs the growth of bacteria on its surface.


  • Cabinet Roller Towels
    Cabinet roller towels are a low maintenance and convenient hand drying method. All towels are 100% cotton and will be hygienically cleaned through our extensive wash process.
    Our cabinet roller towels are designed to eliminate the problem of towels jamming, it contains separate compartments for clean and used sections of the towel for improved hygiene.


Help is on hand
At phs, we have made it our business to help you adapt to the new normal. There are many ways to wash and dry your hands, and our hygiene experts can help you find the most suitable options for your businesses. Find out more on our handcare hygiene solutions here.

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