The Importance of Toilet Rolls in Maintaining Hygiene and Sustainability in Washrooms

Maintaining a clean and hygienic washroom is essential for any business or organisation. And one of the essentials for maintaining washroom hygiene is a constant supply of toilet roll. Toilet rolls provide comfort and convenience for washroom users, and they are also vital for maintaining cleanliness.  

Having a constant supply of toilet roll is a must for any washroom. Learn more about the role toilet paper has in maintaining hygiene and sustainability and how you can ensure your washroom makes the grade. 

A short history of toilet rolls 

While toilet rolls weren’t invented until the latter half 19th century, a form of toilet paper has been around since ancient times, where people used different materials to clean themselves after using the bathroom. In Ancient Rome, for example, the Romans used a sponge soaked in salt water to clean themselves. A form of toilet paper became widely used China in the 6th century, before a more modern form of toilet paper was developed in the 14th century. 

Commercial toilet paper become more widely in the UK in the 1880s, replacing newspaper and book pages that were previously used. Toilet paper was originally hard and medicated,  but by the 20th century, soft toilet paper became the popular choice for households and the rest, they say, is history. 

You can learn more about the fascinating history of toilet paper from the Wellcome Collection 

Toilet rolls in the workplace 

Toilet rolls are a workplace essential. The Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Welfare at Work’ guidance says employers must provide a supply of toilet paper as part of their washroom facilities. 

Having washroom facilities stocked with toilet paper helps maintain better hygiene standards. It helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, while helping users feel fresh and clean too. You should ensure that there is plenty of toilet paper available, and that regular checks are carried out to refill if necessary. 

In addition to toilet paper, washroom facilities must have adequate means for drying hands. This could be either paper towels or a hand dryer. Roller towels can be a reliable solution for those looking to maintain a hygienic washing facility. 

Having a regular supply of toilet rolls delivered to your workplace can make it much easier to keep your washroom fully stocked. With a contractual consumables service, you won’t have to worry about making sure your washroom is fully stocked. 

Toilet roll and the environment 

Toilet roll can lead to waste when it’s not disposed of correctly, but there are things you can do to help reduce toilet roll waste while still offering washroom users a good supply of toilet roll. Installing a toilet roll dispenser can reduce waste, helping people to use less toilet paper than they would normally use. You can also look at the toilet paper you choose to make sure the roll size and density of the paper is right for your workplace’s needs.  

Choosing the right toilet paper for your washroom facilities 

There are different toilet papers solutions out there to choose from, but it’s important to choose the best solutions for your washroom needs. Some things to consider when choosing toilet roll include: 

  • Choose toilet roll that’s absorbent and soft, to help reduce waste caused by poor quality toilet roll. Choosing the cheapest toilet paper isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective in the long-run, and could end up costing you more as you’ll need to restock it more frequently. 
  • Toilet paper comes in different ply types, with one-play being the thinnest. Choosing a 2 or more ply toilet paper can help increase cleanliness, while providing extra comfort to users. 
  • To help keep your washroom looking clean and organised, a toilet roll dispenser is a must. Mini toilet roll dispensers are ideal for smaller bathrooms, while a standard toilet roll dispenser is a popular choice. 
  • Consider how you’ll manage waste in your washroom facility. If you can recycle cardboard toilet rolls cores, you can help save a lot of waste over the course of a year, playing your part in helping the environment. 

A clean and well-maintained washroom facility is important for all workplaces, especially those with public access. People will form opinions about a business based on the cleanliness of their toilets and washroom facilities, and by making sure yours remains a pleasant and hygienic environment, you can help create a positive and lasting impression on visitors. 

Maintain a clean and comfortable washroom with phs  

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