The Real Impact of Entrance Mats on Workplace Safety

Entrance mats are something that are easy to overlook for the everyday visitor to a workplace or organisation, but they are in fact a crucial part of workplace hygiene and safety, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is more important now than ever before.

Entrance mats prevent foot-borne dirt and grime from being brought into your building, while simultaneously improving hygiene and general safety.

Why Commercials Spaces Need Floor Mats

Health and safety should be the priority in any building, business or organization. The vast majority of people take entrance mats for granted or even have no idea what purpose they serve, but they need to be in place anywhere that footfall can be expected. There is also the added benefit of promoting your image or message if required (such as a social distancing reminder or similar).

Entrance mats can help to:

  • Prevent slips and falls (over 40% of all workplace injuries)
  • Reduce internal grime and floor cleaning costs (85% of all indoor soil comes from people’s feet)
  • Provide a welcoming and professional environment
  • Absorb moisture and prevent hard floors becoming slippery

They should also be:

  • Functional, fit for purpose
  • Safe and seamlessly serviced by experienced phs professionals
  • Implemented as part of an effective overall solution (creating 3 separate zones has been found to be the most effective)

What can phs do for you?

At phs, we have a full range of both fitted and loose lay mats. They are designed with cleanliness, hygiene and preventing floor damage in mind. The product that will suit your environment best depends on your industry and what you would like to achieve, but we are happy to discuss this and find your best solution Our range includes Standard mats, high performance absorption mats, special colour mats, Logo and message mats, Outdoor mats and Fitted mats for any area..

We’re able to completely remove entrance mats from your workload, offering regular services and a laundry process that ensure the mat remains effective, and a Royal Warrant seal of approval. We also offer additional benefits including custom entrance mats with your logo or message, and custom designed fitted mats such as in situations where clearance is needed for the entrance doors.

phs Commercial Entrance Mat Services

phs is the UK’s leading supplier of cleaning, maintenance and related services in commercial settings. We are a favourite among schools, hospitals, government buildings and offices alike. We aren’t just able to professionally fit your mats, our professional maintenance staff are also able to enter your premises, lift mats, launder them and refit without any interruption to your daily operations or routine.

We clean 6 mats per minute, all day every day. We have operations centres covering every town and city across the UK, making us your leading local supplier regardless of your location.

To learn more, feel free to contact us now or take a look at our commercial entrance mat services!

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