When To Use Eye Wash?

Eye injuries are one of the most common types of workplace accidents. Yet up to 90% of these injuries could be prevented. 

Eye wash facilities are an effective way of treating eye injuries as they happen, providing crucial first aid that could prevent an eye injury from becoming serious. Along with other first aid supplies, having eye wash stations in place is one of the key measures employers can take to help ensure the health and safety of their employees. 

Take a look at our guide to when to use eye wash and what you can do to prevent eye injuries at work. 

What is an eye wash station? 

An eye wash station is an area with specialist tools and equipment to help tackle an eye injury at work. They can be used to flush out debris or chemicals to help clean out the eye and stop an injury from getting worse. 

An eye wash station can be fixed or portable, providing flexible options for workplaces. Placed nearest to potential hazards, they can allow people to take quick action to get the injury under control. 

Where are eye wash kits used? 

Eye wash kits can be found in all kinds of places. They are useful to have on construction sites, in laboratories, factories, warehouses and more. They can also make up a useful part of first aid kits for events, sports games and schools. 

Having eye wash kits available in the workplace can be a key health and safety requirement and will be identified during a risk assessment as a control measure for the event of an eye injury. 

Eye wash stations and kits should be within easy reach and made visible to those working in potentially hazardous areas. Training should also be provided on how to use an eye was kit effectively.  

What does an eye wash kit contain? 

Eye wash kits contain some useful tools and products to help someone take quick action should an eye injury occur. Most eye wash stations and kits contain: 

  • Eye pads 
  • Eye wash pods and mini pods 
  • A mirror 
  • Sterile eye wash 
  • Tissues 

Some stations may also contain gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPC). 

When should you use an eye wash station? 

In any event where you suffer an eye injury at work, use an eye wash station to help you take immediate action to prevent further damage. An eye wash station or kit should be used after: 

  • Spills 
  • Splashes 
  • When dust or debris enters the eye 
  • In the event a foreign object enters the eye 

If you feel irritation or something starts to feel like a burn, use the eye wash station immediately. The sooner you start treating your eyes, the better the outcome will be. Not only will you experience some relief and potentially stop your symptoms, but you could prevent some serious damage to your eyes. 

How to use an eye wash station 

If you or someone else suffers an eye injury at work, take immediate action. You may need to be ready to help someone suffering an eye injury, or if it’s you who’s suffered the injury, signal to someone else so that they can help you. Some simple tips for using an eye wash station include: 

  • Locate your eye wash kit and open it 
  • Remove the bottles of sterile saline solution and open the caps 
  • Angle your head so that you can flush out the eye using the solution without getting any irritants into the other eye. If both eyes are affected, you’ll need to flush one eye at a time 
  • Squeeze the bottles gently, directing the flow from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. You may need to hold your eyes open with your fingers 
  • Move your eye during the process by looking up and down and side to side. This will help ensure that any irritant under the eyelid is also flushed out 

If the irritation and pain persist or your symptoms worsen, call the emergency services on 999. For serious eye injuries, contact the emergency services immediately.  

Eye wash stations from phs

Having eye wash kits in the workplace can help you prepare for emergency situations and help keep your employees safe. Eye wash kits are affordable and portable, and can be wall-mounted for visibility and quick location.  

At phs Direct, we stock First Aid Eye Wash Stations that contain everything you need to respond to an accident at work. We also sell additional items such as eye wash solution bottles should you need more supplies for your eye wash station. 

Quick action can potentially save someone’s sight. Contact phs today for details of our products and to see how we can help you with your workplace supplies. 

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